Westworld Odds: Predicting The Final Episode

HBO's Westworld Logo and park landscape
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Every watcher of Westworld is asking themselves the same thing right now. Just how likely is it that Westworld’s fan theories will turn out to be right?

We are only one episode away from the conclusion of season one of Westworld, the popular HBO drama based on the books of Michael Crichton but when it comes to hints and clues about what is actually going on, nothing is clear.

The only thing that’s certain is that suddenly all those crazy online theories don’t look quite so insane.

In the Westworld universe nothing is impossible. So, with that in mind, here’s a look at what the odds are of some of the most popular fan theories coming true:

Westworld’s Multiple Timelines

The most widely accepted theory is that part of the Westworld show is actually set 30 years in the past. Viewers could potentially be watching snippets from both the past and the present.

Evidence for this theory ranges from small things like the fact that there are two different Westworld park logos in various episodes, to bigger possible give away signs.

For example, in episode 5 the host Lawrence is bled to death by The Man in Black but then appears in a border town as a warlord in William and Logan’s storyline. Speaking of William…

Will William Turn Out To Be The Man In Black?

Odds Man in black is William in 30 years in the future

The identity of The Man in Black is one of the biggest mysteries surrounding Westworld so far. It’s easily the fans’ favorite too.

Despite William being a character of some morality and The Man in Black being almost the embodiment of evil, the theory runs that these two are actually the same person.

Clues about this include William and The Man in Black having exactly the same knife and The Man in Black ominously asking Dolores, ‘I’ve been coming here for thirty years and you still don’t remember me after everything we’ve been through?’.

HBO’s new President of Programming also added fuel to the fire a few weeks ago by saying, “There are lots of theories out there…I’ve been very impressed with how they’ve constructed the guesses. I’ll just say, they’re getting close.”

Episode 8 included even more hints that William and The Man in Black could be the same person.

The girl ‘rescued’ by Teddy and The Man in Black is the same host who greeted William and welcomed him into the Westworld park. The Man in Black recognizes her and says, ‘It’s you. I thought they would have retired you by now.’

Outside of the show itself, perhaps the most convincing argument yet is that in the original 1973 film it is William’s equivalent character and the Man in Black’s timelines that become entangled but for that you will have to watch the film.

Will Maeve Make It Out Alive?

Odds that host Maeve will survive outside the park

This is a tough one because everyone wants Maeve to perform an incredible breakout from the park but the reality is that she’s not built to be able to leave. The tech team she’s taken hostage have told her this very clearly.

That being said, Maeve has already made some serious plans to get her escape under way. She’s got all her host attributes bumped up to max levels so she’s now technically more intelligent and capable than a human being.

Plus, she’s already she demonstrated that she can now control other hosts just by talking to them. Take that Bernard.

If Maeve can get to enough other hosts and ask them to assist her in leaving the park, then there’s no reason why she wouldn’t be able to slip through the net.

If any host could hatch a plan to leave Westworld whilst still keeping their life, it’s got to be Maeve.

Is Dolores Wyatt?

Odds Dolores is Wyatt ivented by Ford

This is one of the wilder Westworld theories, even by the shows own standards. Lots of people are starting to think that Wyatt is actually Dolores because we’ve never seen the character and when you look at it, Dolores and Wyatt seem to share a lot in common.

For example, when Teddy has flashbacks to the massacre where Wyatt killed an entire village we see that the scene is exactly the same as the memories Dolores has of the same event.

Teddy is also known to be a guy who never gets what he wants and so perhaps in a cruel twist, Ford has made him fall in love with the same person who he is programmed to hunt down and kill.

The flipside of this is that Ford says he invented Wyatt for Teddy to have a backstory and refers to the character of Wyatt as a ‘him’.

With nine episodes down and only one to go, there are certainly a great many ways in which these stories could play out. The fact a second season has already been commissioned makes it seem unlikely that we’ll see all of our questions answered just yet but there are sure to be more surprises and reveals in the season finale.