Las Vegas Workers Share The Craziest, Funniest and Nastiest Stuff They’ve Seen

Las Vegas has an undeniable reputation for being the entertainment capital of the world but behind the face of the glitz and glamor of Sin City there is the human side – the workers that help make the city what it is. Casino workers took to Reddit to share candid stories of the best, worst, funniest and flat out craziest things they’d seen on the job.

Here are some of the most interesting glimpses from behind the scenes on The Strip…

The Good

A casino roulette wheel
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It seems appropriate to start this article with some light-hearted anecdotes. Life can often be about the small victories and that is certainly the case in Las Vegas.

“My favourite story though is about the guy who stole a ball out of the roulette wheel and legged it for the front door, not expecting the dealer to run after him and straight up rugby-tackle him to the ground. That was funny. He got to keep the ball.” – buttsandbuttsandstuf

The Generous

Reputedly, casinos will do pretty much anything to keep the big spending players coming back.

This first story regarding a whale involves Australian billionaire Kerry Packer calling the shots himself at a casino he didn’t even own.

Australian billionaire Kerry Packer
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“Packer was renowned for spending big at the tables, and for his generosity. During one trip, he had a table to himself and started talking to the dealer. Eventually she mentioned that she was struggling to pay her mortgage and feed her family. Packer then decided to tip her a massive amount of money, but the dealer refused (even though she was grateful).

Packer asked why, and the dealer said it was because all tips had to be shared with the dealer pool, and that his money would be going to other dealers.

Packer stopped her, and said ‘get your manager over here’. She tried to interject, but he reiterated that she needed to get her manager.

The manager turned up and Packer said ‘fire this woman immediately’. Being the whale that he was, the dealer was fired on the spot.

Packer then turned to the dealer and said ‘now you don’t have to share this with the other dealers’, and gave her the full tip. She accepted (obviously).

Packer turned to the manager and then said ‘hire this woman immediately’. She was hired right away, and got to keep the entire tip.” – upforgrabs21

The Bad

Generally, if you visit Vegas, you will be surrounded by happiness, laughing, and a vibrancy you won’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, there is also a darker side to the razzmatazz.

In this story, one Vegas dealer shares their experiences. Despite Vegas bringing out the best in humanity, this clearly shows that it can also bring out the worst. No wonder they call it Sin City…

“I have seen people piss and shit themselves because they didn’t want to leave the table/slot machine. I’ve seen people pass out after having sat chain smoking at a slot machine for 36 hours straight, and I’ve seen other customers get mad because the paramedics interrupted their winning streak. And I’ve seen a man die of a heart attack at a poker table, and then watched as the rest of the players try to steal his winnings before security could get there.” – devatoo

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Another example of people being at their worst came in another story from a bellman at the Vegas casino resorts. You will probably want to put down your knife and fork if you are eating before reading this one.

“I was a bellman for many years and I’m still in the industry today. About 15 years ago, I was on the 19th floor of my hotel coming back from a front and as I turned the corner into the elevator lobby to go down I stumbled upon a hooker taking an enormous shit on the floor. She just looked at me and said “Damn…I just had’ta go!” People are fucking disgusting.” – sporkachoon

The Crazy vs Hell

Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… thankfully.

The genius behind this tale is that even the most normal-looking guests can sometimes hide the dirtiest secrets. It’s always the quiet ones you need to watch!

“I worked at the front desk, my sister worked in Housekeeping. She was assigned to clean one of the high-end suites… The guests had left behind empty orange soda cans, like cases and cases worth, and dildos. Dildos everywhere. The room had been booked by a single, middle aged woman that seemed normal enough.” – Ishtizzle

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman
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One story focuses on a more high-profile guest and this one is named as the controversial former NBA star Dennis Rodman. Now, we all know Rodders is a little bit on the eccentric side, so it’s almost impossible to dismiss this story as being fabricated.

This year he was even filmed performing on the streets of Las Vegas, so this tale could very likely be true.

“A Blackjack dealer told me that Dennis Rodman played at his table a few years ago and was accompanied by an escort. She would come and go while he played and he would give her money to play games and stuff. She orders a drink and when it gets there he pulls out his forearm-sized schlong on the table and mixes her drink with it in front of everyone.” – bdemps42

Told You So…

If you have ever visited Vegas then you will appreciate that one of its positives is that the atmosphere is very relaxed. You can be playing at the blackjack tables and meet somebody who will become your best friend for the next two hours. You will celebrate the wins together, console each other on the losses, and even share each other’s life stories.

The thing is, for all the chilled out front that Vegas displays it is still a very formal place that has its strict rules. As they say, rule 1 in Vegas, never touch the cards.

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“This is a second hand story from a lovely lady who was a dealer in Vegas in one of the crappy casinos on Fremont Street. She was dealing at a blackjack table where you can do one of those crazy side bet things on certain rare hand combinations to get a bonus jackpot. Anyways, one guy hit it and won 35 grand. This was a big deal and he grabbed his cards off the table to show his friends and the Casino invalidated the play because apparently that was against the rules. He did not get his winnings and was escorted out crying. Seemed unfair to me.” – IntrepidusX

Anything for a Whale

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Casinos in Las Vegas will always do their best to keep the players playing. The more money players spend at the tables, the better, so the players with more money to spend are treated exceptionally well.

In this instance, a simple request for donuts by one whale turned into a very expensive ordeal for one casino.

“A former co-worker of mine was a host for high rollers, and had Packer or someone of that level as a customer. He wanted donuts to go with him to France. The casino forgot to put the donuts on the plane. So, my friend has to grab a dozen donuts, hop on a private plane to follow this guy, and deliver the donuts to him when he lands. She was allowed to stay in France for the weekend, then had to come back.” – cirena

A private jet for Vegas high rollers
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As we mentioned, casinos will do pretty much anything for their whales…

“Big time better at my table, asks for hookers, manager laughs and assures him they don’t do that… then hookers showed up.” – flutterwander