Top 10 YouTube Gambling Clips


We’ve scoured YouTube for the best in gambling content so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Breaking Vegas, Here Come The MIT

A nice documentary to begin with and the tale of the now broken MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) students who took Vegas for millions of dollars in the early nineties.

The series was originally filmed for US TV following the release of a book by team member Ben Mizrich and is well worth a watch if you fancy card counting your way to the big money. Or you could watch the rubbish Kevin Spacey film, 21, instead.

Poker Fight! Jonny ‘Red Beard’ Bloyen

This phone footage from a high stakes cash game at Harrah’s casino in New Orleans captures a table fight that breaks out after some dude decides it would be wise to mosey on over to Jonathan ‘Red Beard’ Bloyen and hit him in the face.

Ol’ Red Beard is having none of it though and merely shakes it off, proceeding to mercilessly extract his revenge in the form of a severe smackdown. The protagonist is then forced to skulk off, tail firmly between his legs.

Legend has it has the attacker was working on behalf of a chap who had lost the tidy sum of $40,000 in a Pot Limit Omaha game to Bloyen a few nights earlier.

5 of the Biggest Gambling Fails

Never feel bad about a bad beat again. Cheer yourself up and watch some other poor souls lose their bankroll while you sit down and have a cup of tea. Remember, someone is always doing worse.Here, played out to a funky little theme tune, check out stories of all those who god hates more than you. Amen.

Top 5 Funniest Twitch Gambling Rages & Fails

As Twitch gains popularity, bedroom warriors have opened up channels through which you can watch them playing video games in their bedrooms. With that in mind, ignore the intercut footage of two bored dudes playing Far Cry Primal and focus instead on the unlucky suckers in the gambling clips sliced into the content.

Run it UP Timewarp – Jason Sommerville walks through five of his best ever poker hands

King of Twitch, Jason Somerville, runs through his greatest ever online hands and reviews them to help you make the best actions in your game. Jason has established himself as one the biggest Twitch streamers in online poker and with online winnings worth over $3.6m, it’s well worth applying his top tips your games. Thanks very much Jason.

Richard Makes His Marcus

Now, a not so honest way to win big at gambling as we take a look at another documentary, this time featuring Richard Marcus, who cleaned the house out for $12m.
Over half a million viewers have looked into this one, uploaded by the man himself. Warning, don’t try this at home.

New Mexico casino scam

A heist story next and New Mexico’s biggest ever attempt at one. An inside job that took the house for over $1.2m, here is the all-American news report detailing exactly what went down when a couple used fraud and forgery to feed their bankroll. Want to find out if the guys got away with it or if they broke bad? Watch the video to see.

Top 5 Biggest Poker Blow-Ups

Bought to you by PokerStars, this rundown of the best table blow ups naturally features Tony G and the infamous Poker Brat himself, Phil Helmuth. If you like watching players fume at poker, then this video is for you.
Those two players are always likely to feature heavily in any blow up compilation and this top five doesn’t disappoint. At the final table the eagle eyed among you might spot one or two hall of famers enjoying Tony taunt a steaming Helmuth.


This guy has clearly never heard of bookies etiquette. OK, we made that up, there is no such thing as bookies etiquette but we’re also pretty sure that it is pretty bad form to hulk out and flip the FOBT (fixed odds betting terminal) on its side because the ball didn’t land where you wagered it would.
The amazing thing about this CCTV captured footage is how calmly he gets off his seat in the first place, before ripping the machine off the wall and kicking it.

The One Where Peter Ness Plays Blackjack

Men can be so immature. Well, Peter Ness certainly is anyway. In this final clip we see Ness’ compilation video of live casino dealers finally work out that he has been trolling them all along when, at the horrible moment of realisation, they look down the camera and read out his name live online and suddenly feel a bit dickish.