Must Have New Games For Your PlayStation VR This Christmas

The Playstation VR might have been released two years ago but it is finally beginning to earn the recognition it deserves.  2018 is set to be a big year for the Sony Interactive Entertainment-developed virtual reality headset.

Here are the most exciting games that are scheduled for release in and around the Christmas period.

Doom VFR (Bethesda Game Studios)

The Doom franchise is one of the most iconic computer games of all time. The first title was released back in December, 1993 on a range of platforms including MS-DOS, SNES, and Atari.

This latest release from the series is a VR adaptation of the game which is set to take the intensity of gaming to an entirely new level.

Players will take on the role of the last survivor on Mars. Their mission is to defeat the demons that have plagued the land and restore the planet’s power supply facility.

Moss VR (Polyarc Games)

It is hardly the most inspiring title for a VR computer game but Moss has already got tongues wagging ahead of its anticipated February 2018 release.

The game stole the show at the Sony E3 conference last summer. It is a fantasy adventure game where players take on life as a magical orb of energy attached to a mouse knight called Quill.

The graphics are stunning and it’s certainly one of the more imaginative titles coming out on the console.

Torn VR (Aspyr)

An in-game shot of the Torn VR Playstation game
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If you loved The Twilight Zone when it was on TV, this could be the game to tempt you into buying a Playstation VR.

The adventure game looks visually-astounding and has a surreal edge that will keep you glued to the story.

In Torn VR your character is taken to a house in Vermont where you’ll discover a range of dark secrets that soon unravel a twisted tale.

Transference (Ubisoft)

Undoubtedly, one of the most high-profile games coming soon on PSVR is Transference.

The partnership between Ubisoft and Hollywood actor Elijah Wood’s film studio SpectreVision is creating a lot of hype.

The game is set to be an eerie psychological thriller where the plot focuses on a man’s destructive obsession.

It’s scheduled for a 2018 release but VR fans can’t get it quick enough.

Run, Dorothy, Run! (Virtro Entertainment)

Everybody is familiar with the tale of The Wizard of Oz – the lead character of the story is Kansas farm girl Dorothy who, along with her sidekick dog Toto, befriends a lion, scarecrow, and tin man.

This game draws inspiration from the world of Oz to produce a light-hearted runner game that’s ideal for more casual gamers, as well as kids.

Code 51 (smellyriver)

Fans of the old MechWarrior games from back in the day will be pleased to hear that Code 51 will bring post-apocalyptic mech arena gameplay to the VR platform.

The game is set in the year 2040 and players must do battle on a war-ravaged Earth to take control of every possible remaining limited resource. Things could get seriously ugly.

Eden Tomorrow (Soul Pix)

Every child grew up watching movies where humans encounter dinosaurs but usually, it doesn’t end well for humans. Whether you watched Valley of the Guanji or Jurassic Park, there was blood shed.

Eden Tomorrow is another venture into that sci-fi world where humans and dinosaurs collide. The only difference is that this takes place on an alien planet, so it’s even cooler.

Quar: Infernal Machines (Funbox Media Ltd)

Once again, the title does little to get the juices flowing. Quar sounds more like the noise somebody makes when they’ve reached that level of puking when there is no more substance left to throw up…

The game is a turn-based strategy title that revolves around world of Alwyd, who is present in the award-winning table top game This Quar’s War, which this game is based on.

Quar could definitely be one for fans of the Warhammer and Hero Quest board games.

Blind (Tiny Bull Studios)

Decent psychological horror games are a rarity these days. Many have tried to recapture the suspense and intensity of the Silent Hill games but have often failed.

Blind could be the game to finally satisfy our desire to be petrified. Its narrative-driven format sets the tone and there is a real consensus that this could be the creepiest game in a generation.

Zero Killed (VRVisio Games)

The game formerly known as Special Forces VR, has now been re-named Zero Killed. The developer stated that it was inspired by the phrase used by soldiers after a successful mission that was completed with no loss to life.

The multi-player tactical shooter is set to bring a Rainbow Six and Call of Duty standard of gameplay to the VR platform. The early signs are very encouraging ahead of its Spring 2018 release.

Dark Eclipse (Sunsoft)

Mass online battle arena games have proved a huge success across the online and mobile platforms. Can it make a successful transition to the VR genre?

Dark Eclipse is dividing opinion with many suggestion it could be a smash hit but the fact it will not be free means it might struggle to compete with other freeplay titles out there.

Still, the game offers more depth of character and plot than other freemium titles and the quality of the game is a step above its market rivals.

Zone of the Enders: Anubis Mars (Konami)

Any game that is referred to as a “hack ‘n’ slash” style of game is certain to be hotly-anticipated ahead of a release on the VR platform.

These type of games can be chaotic enough but being thrust into a virtual reality environment for such a game will make things even crazier.

The original version of this game was created by Metal Gear Solid mastermind Hideo Kojima. Kojima might not be involved in this upcoming release but his hallmarks are all over it.

This could be the surprise hit of 2018.

Sociable Soccer (Tower Studios)

Sensible Soccer is one of the greatest soccer computer games of all-time. The designers of that title have now made the outstanding decision to release a spiritual successor that can be played on the PSVR.

The game includes 25,000 players, 5,000 ultimate legends, 1,000 teams, 18 tournaments, 21 cups, and 33 leagues. Online and offline play is available.

The licensing is lacking so players have their names slightly edited in Pro Evolution Soccer style but it’s all part of the fun.

The American Dream (Samurai Punk)

Gun crime is a massive talking point in the US at the moment. Well, here is a game developed by Samurai Punk that takes a satirical look at living with guns back in the 1950s.

It’s surreal and bleak but definitely worth playing, particularly if you live outside the US. This game is a real wild card that could you keep you entertained for a lot longer than you might first think.

Bravo Team (SuperMassive Games)

The team behind the hit release of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood are set to launch their next big title in the form of Bravo Team.

Scheduled for release in the run-up to Christmas, players are transported to a fictional war zone set in Eastern Europe.

The game takes influence from the conflicts in Chechnya and Kosovo, to offer a gritty and grim interpretation of war in a VR setting.

War is hell and SuperMassive Games have every intention of making you experience every little bit of it.