The Evolution Of Online Gambling – Key Facts & Figures 2015

Online casinos are big business, and there are many huge online gambling companies out there running the sites and pleasing shareholders with sell-offs and takeovers. To give you an idea of the huge sums involved, we’ve produced an infographic to illustrate the big (well, huge) players, showing their turnover information, share prices, and a little about the companies’ details and corporate history.

These are the owners of the biggest and most popular casino sites out there. They are your Betfairs, your Ladbrokes, and your Pokerstars. A quick look through them will show you the hundreds of millions and even billions these companies see in annual turnover. For an idea of scale, Gala Coral’s turnover sits at a relatively modest €182.26 million, while Paddypower currently enjoys a €7 billion turnover.

You can also see that nearly all of these companies have either bought, sold off or merged with other online gambling companies in the last year or two. And they don’t come cheap. Amaya bought Pokerstars for a whopping $4.9 Billion in 2014. The online gambling landscape is changing constantly as the big boys in the industry buy up and merge with others, and it’s possible that many of your favourite casino sites will see new owners and other changes. Take a look through the list to see what’s been going on.


There, that gives you a pretty clear picture of the how the casino industry has got to where it is now over the last 5 years or so. Almost every big company has either bought into a competitor or been successful enough to have been bought out by a rival. With such a healthy and buoyant industry, the changes, mergers and buyouts are likely to continue into 2016, with big bucks changing hands and many surprises along the way as we find out who owns who.

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