Playing Online Blackjack and Slots

Online gaming is like walking into a live casino, complete with classic games and progressive new interpretations that lend themselves to the digital age. No two games ring with casino familiarity more than these two stalwarts – Slot Machines and Blackjack.

If you know your way around a casino, it’s easy to get comfortable playing the same games online.  There is something for new players who appreciate the most cutting edge graphics and progressive games, as well as for the traditionalists who enjoy classic Blackjack and casino style Slot Machines.

Play the Odds

Whether you are a bonafide high-roller, or a low stakes player, online casinos cater to your preferences with a wide selection of Blackjack variations designed to keep the tables rolling with fresh action.

Casinos use different software, so you’ll find a unique variety of games depending on where you play.  Classic Blackjack is present at most sites, and closely resembles the live version, which has long been accepted as one of the best odds games for gamblers taking advantage of the slight house edge.

No matter what you play, there are opportunities to increase your winnings by playing multiple hands. Some games also include an option called ‘surrender’, which allows you to give up on a hand, in exchange for receiving ½ of your bet back. Tournaments offer a shot at larger prize pools.

Blackjack variations are based on the original formula, so it’s easy to try a few new games without getting outside your comfort zone.  Blackjack strategies are based on tested principles, but if you are ready to go with the flow and throw yourself into the arms of lady luck; try playing the Slots.

Slots for High Rollers

Blackjack has slot machines beat for strategic complexity, but familiar casino-style gaming is fun, in the form of reel slots; the online equivalents of one armed bandits. Single pay lines and set payouts are characteristic of these basic online slots.

Video slots makes for a broader experience, with several pay lines and multitudes of winning combinations.  The stakes are higher too, since most video slot machines allow for greater numbers of coins to be wagered. For players who enjoy a few bells and whistles beyond old-timey slot machines, video slots showcase state of the art graphics and gaming technologies that are all about the razzle-dazzle.

Video slots often have bonus round payoffs that move you into additional high stakes play without requiring further payment.  Names like High Roller and Free Spin indicate bonus play options that keep you in the game longer.

You can play slots for as little as a penny, but the machines that get the most attention are the ones with progressive jackpots.  High rollers love the giant payouts that accumulate as these machines are played.  Multi-machine progressives feed several slots into a single jackpot that can be won by any of the machines in the group.

Blackjack and slot machines are synonymous with live and online gambling, and there is money to be won, no matter where you play.  Blackjack is a cool strategic game that is played for high stakes at times, but slot machine devotees appreciate large progressive jackpots too.

In the end, you and lady luck will decide where you place your bets, so give her a chance to put you on the right track.  Tap your favorite online casino for Blackjack and Slot Machine fun.