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Are Land Based Casinos Doing Enough To Attract Millennials?

swim up casino – Las Vegas

Millennials are Making Their Presence Felt in the Casinos in a Big Way, but Not by Gambling The term “millennials” is in the news a lot lately. It refers to those individuals who are currently 18-35 years of age. Many of them have recently completed school and entered the job market. While the amount of money…Read More

Just How Popular is Bingo?

Who Plays Bingo?

Bingo is startling unique among gambling games in that, with the exception of lottery scratch cards, it’s the only game that attracts more women than men. While all other games are designed to set the pulses racing and flood the risk-taking male brain with its beloved dopamine, bingo is perhaps the only gambling activity where…Read More

Pokémon GO, Augmented Reality and the Future of Gambling

Pokémon Go gambling

Three weeks ago, in New York City, a Vaporeon appeared in Central Park, causing a stampede. A Vaporeon, as we’re sure you know only too well, is a small, blue, semi-aquatic Pokémon, with a fetching white ruff at the base of its neck, three fins on its head and a swishy, mermaid-like tale. It is…Read More

The Biggest Illegal Gambling Rings of All-Time


It seems like every year there is a story of a multi-million dollar (or more) gambling ring getting busted. Yet there is seemingly so much money to be made that people are still willing to take the risk in exchange for the mega cash. Below are seven of the biggest illegal gambling rings of all-time….Read More

eSports Vs. Poker: Let’s Fight!

eSports and poker might occupy similar positions on the virtual gaming spectrum, but which one is best? With both sports challenging a player’s skill, timing, logic, and luck, there’s very little to choose between the two on paper, so the only way to settle the score is to square them off in the ring. Naturally,…Read More

The Rise of Gambling at the Olympics

Rio 2016 Olympics Sports Betting Could Break Records

With the Rio Olympics just weeks away, there are still many anxious questions to be answered. A political and economic crisis has engulfed Brazil. The country’s president has been suspended on charges of corruption. The police are on strike. The mosquito-born Zika virus is scaring off the athletes. Will the city be ready? Will the…Read More

Mobile Gaming Apps: Past, Present, And Future

Today, the mobile game market is one of the largest digital ones in the world, and could possibly one day even overtake console and computer gaming. Here is a look back at how this once-fledgling industry exploded. How Mobile Gaming Began As utility and entertainment have merged in many other areas of our lives, in…Read More

The Big Brexit Gamble: How will Britain’s Divorce from Europe Affect the Gambling Industry?

Brexit and the Gambling Industry

  On the morning of Friday 24 June, as the world attempted to digest the news that Britain had voted to leave the European Union and wondered what impact this might have on a fragile global economy, some newspapers reported that the biggest winner in all this was the gambling industry. Of course, they were…Read More

How to Shuffle Cards Like a Pro

Spin cards on your fingers

Nothing shrieks “noob” more stridently than a man who can’t shuffle a deck of cards to save his life. We’ve all seen him at the poker table, the poor sap, fingers, and thumbs failing, as he tries in vain to blend one-half of the deck with another while chips spill and cards fly. Or that…Read More

5 of the Worst (and Funniest) Doping Excuses In History

Beer and sex apparently makes you too manly to compete in athletics

As athletes like Maria Sharapova and Jon Jones know, we are entering a new “no-nonsense” era in regards to doping in sport. While this global crackdown is of course great for sports, fading away as a result is the classic art of the doping excuse. So we have something to look back on of what…Read More