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Most Disappointing Sports Matches Of All Time

1972 USA basketball team looking sad

Sport is great. There is no denying that. Billions of people around the world do not participate in or follow sport for no reason. Unfortunately, sometimes the overall wonder of sport can be brought into disrepute by moments of madness by teams and individuals. Here is a look at some of those moments when the…Read More

Most Annoying Recent Video Games

man looking angry while holding game controller

The global video games market reached revenues worth $42.4 billion in 2016 ( proving that gaming has never been more popular. There are some awesome titles out there but there are also the hair-pullingly annoying minority of games that can enrage and frustrate players. Here`s  a list of recent releases that have sent players into a…Read More

5 Reasons Why Betting On eSports Is Exciting

two guys excited to win on esports

Betting on eSports is fast becoming a very popular form of sports betting across the globe. It is estimated that revenues for eSports betting will hit $23.5 billion by the year 2020, so there’s never been a better time to place a wager on eSports. Here are five reasons why betting on eSports can be…Read More

These Antidepressants Can Turn You Into A Gambling Addict

pile of medication

Antidepressants have often been at the centre of controversial discussions over how effective they are when it comes to dealing with depression. Recently, the tone of the chat has changed and there are now concerns that not only do the drugs not help with depression but they have some horrific side-effects. One of those side-effects…Read More

Inside The Crazy World Of Japan’s Pachinko Games

pachinko parlour at night

Pachinko is a popular mechanical amusement machine that first originated back in 1920s Japan. It loosely resembles a vertical pinball machine and has taken the Japanese amusement industry by storm. Here is a deeper look at the insane fad. What Is Pachinko? Unless you have spent a prolonged period of time in Japan or you…Read More

10 Seriously Bad Sports Tattoos

man tattoos someone's neck

Tattoos are considered one of the most courageous ways for someone to express a their identity. Sport is also something that provokes a lot of passion in people. So when tattoos and sport collide it can be quite an emotional blend. Unfortunately, a cheeky bit of body print doesn’t always turn out to look as…Read More

The 5 Best Cocktails in Las Vegas

When visiting the desert oasis of Vegas you want to live it up a little! It’s perfectly normal to want to let your hair down when checking out a destination that’s as borderline crazy as this. And we all know a little alcohol fuel never hurt anyone (in moderation)… There are some amazing bars on…Read More

1967’s Casino Royale Comedy Is An Under-Appreciated Gem

poster from 1967 movie Casino Royale

The James Bond franchise is one of the most famous in movie history. The 2006 release of Casino Royale introduced Daniel Craig as 007 in ground-breaking style but it is not widely known that the book which the movie was based on had already been transferred to film back in 1967. Why Did It Happen?…Read More

Popularity of Blackjack Down 25% Over The Past 30 Years

ace of hearts card with cash behind it

Classic casino table games have been iconic in the evolution of the gambling industry. In recent years, the rise of slot machines and online gambling has changed the way people gamble. Does that also mean the trends in the popularity of these table games has also changed? According to the Centre for Gaming Research at…Read More

Why Do Casino Buses Keep Killing People?

burnt out casino bus after crash

The past 20 years has seen a huge increase in the number of fatal accidents involving buses that are transporting people to and from casinos. It is a worrying trend but why exactly does it seem to keep happening? All Aboard The Death Bus An old adage goes that there are lies, damn lies, and…Read More