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9 Gambling Addiction Questions You’re Too Scared To Ask

head shot of addiction psychiatrist Dr Joseph Nicolosi

We asked our readers what they’ve always wanted to know about gambling addiction but were too afraid to ask. Then we hooked up with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. for a professional opinion. Joseph Nicolosi Jr. Ph.D. is the founder of The Breakthrough Clinic, which specializes in rapid treatment of gambling addiction over Skype and phone….Read More

How To Become A Professional Gambler

title image showing how to become a professional gambler on blue background

The life of a professional gambler appears to be the stuff of dreams for those that gamble on a regular basis. However, is the reality all it is cracked up to be or is there more than meets the eye to this unique career path? Here is what you need to know to become a…Read More

Caught On Camera: The Biggest Casino Bust Ups Ever

cartoon fist on blue background

Las Vegas is famous across the world for hosting high profile boxing matches but it is generally believed that fighting and gambling are two things that should never cross. Sometimes egos and words do clash in the casino though and the result is violence. Here’s a look at 5 of the biggest casino fights captured on…Read More

The Worst Gaming Injuries Known To Man

wrist injury for gamer guy

Stop right there. Do not move a muscle. The blog you are about to read could save your life. Well, maybe that’s exaggerating slightly. But it could prevent you from suffering a painful gaming-related injury. Do the terms “3D optical disorder”, “WASD Syndrome” and “FPS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” mean anything to you? No? You had…Read More

Texas Hold’em: Which Poker Hands Beat Which?

cards in hand and words which poker hands beat which

Texas Hold’em is a popular poker game played between two or more people. Two cards are dealt face down to each player, with up to five ‘community cards’ dealt face up in the middle of each hand. Those community cards are then shared by all players. Players can play either, both or none of their…Read More

Dr. Rosenberg’s 7 Dark Insights Into Gambling Addiction

brain showing gambling addiction is a form of self medicating

What do insurance fraud, meditation and a tendency to show off have in common? The answer is they all form part of the messy web that is gambling addiction. To get the full story on what real-life gambling problems can actually do to a person’s life, we spoke with Dr. Steven Rosenberg. Dr. Rosenberg is…Read More

5 Nasty Vegas Buffets To Turn Your Stomach

circus circus Vegas buffet dishes

Las Vegas buffets are a sort of institution in their own right. Despite Sin City being famous for its casinos there is a massive cult following that descends upon the gambling paradise to simply sample the delights of the food and beverages available across the city. Here’s a look at the worst buffets that visitors…Read More

Gambling Psychologist: Ask Me Anything

Dr David Sack is Chief Medical Officer at Elements Behavioral Health, a company which runs several gambling and drug addiction rehabilitation centers across the USA. We caught up with him for an exclusive chat about what gambling addiction really is, how impulsiveness is passed from parents to children and how hypersexual behavior is often linked…Read More

The 5 Worst Strip Clubs In Vegas

facade of pussycat's club in Vegas

A cheeky trip to a Las Vegas strip club can sometimes be an important part of a visit to Sin City. Everybody has heard about the strip clubs in the city that you simply have to experience. However, nobody talks about the ones you must avoid at all costs. Here’s our look at five of…Read More

How Casino Bonuses Really Work

illustration showing casino game elements

The internet is overflowing with online casino bonuses. With thousands of dollars up for grabs on some sites, bonuses get plenty of attention. But even if you’re eyeing a smaller bonus, there’s no harm in being sceptical. The good news is bonuses are real. At least they are at reputable sites. As any online casino…Read More