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5 Cool Things To See At Casino Resorts In The World

Casino resorts have evolved over the years and are now considered to be more than just a casino venue. They are now treated as an entertainment complex with so much to see and do. Here is a list of five cool things to see at casino resorts around the world. Las Vegas Stratosphere, Stratosphere Casino,…Read More

Resorts World Birmingham Casino

Resorts World Birmingham Casino Review At the end of 2015, the Resorts World Birmingham Casino officially opened and immediately set tongues and pulses racing as England’s second city welcomed the super casino resort amidst a storm of controversy. Critics of the resort claim it will negatively impact social culture within the city, but supporters of…Read More

A Brilliantly Simple Way To Win The Lottery?

Winning the lottery is a dream for most people, but if people have enough money, then it has been proven that they can buy enough tickets to cover every possible outcome and make a profit. So why don’t billionaires buy every ticket combination for big pots as part of an investment? What If? It is…Read More

Lottery Strategies Debunked: The Truth About Lotto Strategy

Lottery games have become such a central part of the gambling culture of countries where it has been made legal that players will try and seek any edge to improve their odds of winning the massive jackpot prizes. Unfortunately, that has given rise to some myths that there are strategies to help your chances of…Read More

Top Las Vegas Casino Buffet Guide

Vegas is synonymous with many things such as glitzy shows, rowdy bachelor parties, and arguably the best casino gambling in the world. Intertwined with all those, however, is the all-you-can-eat, gourmet food that accompanies it. With their endless (and bottomless) options crisscrossing countless culinary styles, Las Vegas casino buffets have taken on notoriety and a…Read More

The Biggest Casino Winners in History: Where Are They Now?

We are always hearing about lottery winners and how they spend their winnings. When someone wins the lottery, he or she is plastered all over the news right after it happens, and then again a year later or so as an update on how their lives are going. The media gives lottery winners a lot…Read More

The 10 Best Political Betting Heats Of All Time

US Election 2016

As the global betting industry evolves, ever more diverse markets are coming on stream, involving subject matters worlds apart from the racetrack, roulette wheel or football stadium. To some, politics is a matter of life or death. To others, its a golden opportunity to make money from predicting elections, leadership contests or even which currency…Read More

How Did Bingo Originate? The History Of Bingo Explained

Bingo is one of the most popular forms of gambling played today and having experienced a boom period in post-World War II Britain, it hit a period of decline before its conversion to the online platform breathed new life into the game. But how did Bingo begin? Where It All Began In this modern era…Read More

Why Are Casino Card Tables Green?

Casinos have become such a large part of modern day culture and in order for casinos to fulfil their potential, every little detail is thought through. One of those details is the color of the card tables so why are they colored green? Casinos are No Accident From the moment you step into a casino…Read More

Which Is The Oldest Casino In The World? Find Out!

Casinos have seemingly been around forever and are an integral part in the revenues and evolution of the gambling industry, but what is the oldest casino in the world? Here are┬áselections of some of the oldest casinos in the world that claim to be one of the first of their kind. Casino di Venezia The…Read More