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What are the odds? Eurovision 2015

Eurovision Logo

We’re just a few days away from the annual festival of finest European kitsch and pop music. Bearded ladies, Russian babushkas and musicians in monster costumes have graced the world-famous stage in the night that aims to unite a whole continent in one massive party that has both die-hard fans and bitter detractors! The Grand…Read More

Did You Know? Five Facts About Craps

Craps table

Craps is the world’s most common dice game and is played in virtually every land/based casino and online. This game of pure chance is well-loved by players since it has a low house advantage and even total beginners can win, if they’re lucky enough. In this article, we share five interesting and unusual facts about…Read More

Is Macau’s Gambling Industry in Danger?

Stanley Ho

Macau is the Chinese enclave that has long been a destination for gambling tourists but over recent years the booming casino industry in the region has taken a hit. The Gambling History of Macau Gambling in Macau has been legal ever since the 1850s when the Portuguese government that ruled at the time introduced the…Read More

Atlantic City Guide – Over and Under the Boardwalk

As only Trump can do, glamour, crystal, bigger than life and adorned with a spectacular show that exemplifies Atlantic City.

The Jersey Shore, the Atlantic Coastline, the Garden State, America’s Playground! New Jersey, nestled between big brother, New York and nourished by the Atlantic Ocean, the fourth smallest state in the union, 11th most populated, and second wealthiest. It is home of Atlantic City. Atlantic City has grown a great deal since the first commercial…Read More

Floating Casinos – Gambling on the Waters

The Macau Palace floating casino

Casinos might often be places that people associate with the Las Vegas Strip or the boardwalk of Atlantic City but there are a number of casinos that have been built as floating structures that have become increasingly popular over recent years. Macau Palace This unique floating casino might be the smallest casino situated in the…Read More

The Richest Boxing Match In History: Who Wins the Battle of the Stats?

Pacquiao vs Mayweather 2015

Roy Mayweather, father of Floyd Mayweather, perhaps the greatest boxer of his generation, has described boxing as a ‘gambler’s game’ and that Floyd ‘shouldn’t be gambling too much.” But after Saturday’s fight, taking place at Las Vegas’s MGM Grand in what has been described as ‘the Fight of the Century’, will it be the gamblers…Read More

The Top 5 Casino Restaurants In the World

Wicked Spoon

If you thought casinos were just about slamming dollar coins into Megabucks slot machines and risking your kids’ college funds on Red, think again. Today’s major casinos are about experiencing the full gastronomic gamut, from juicy burgers and greedy all-you-can-eats to Michelin-starred dining and gourmet excellence. What’s great about casinos, especially in Las Vegas, is…Read More

World Table Tennis Championship Preview

2014 ITTF World Championship Men’s Doubles Champions

Introduction The world’s best table tennis players will be flying to Suzhou, China, at the end of April 2015 for the 54th edition of the ITTF World Championship. This year’s World Table Tennis Championship will take place between 26th April and 3rd May and will see five individual events contested. Asides to the singles titles…Read More

Poker Players’ Houses – How they Live

Daniel Negreanu poker house

Do want to live with the largesse of a king? Then play poker like a pro, my friend. Given that many of the top players of the game have had a seriously lucrative career, with earnings from poker tournaments running in the six figures, it is no surprise that they can afford to live in…Read More

Biggest Money Tournaments In eSports Today

Dota 2

Electronic sports, or eSports for short, is a term used for any number of different multi-player video game competitions. Due to the incredible popularity of many types of these video games, some tournaments actually offer significant prize money for the top finishers. There are even a growing number of professional players and teams engaged in…Read More