Now You Can Play Doodle Jump at The Casino

Mobile software developer Lima Sky has confirmed plans to partner with California-based firm Gamblit Gaming to develop a skill-based casino game version of the classic Doodle Jump. It’ll be available to play in land-based casinos.

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The original Doodle Jump was released on 6th April, 2009 for the iOS platform. It has since been launched on the Android, Symbian, Windows, Xbox, and Nintendo platforms to a positive reception.

In Doodle Jump, player attempt to navigate a four-legged animal called “The Doodler” up a series of platforms without falling. There are a selection of different themes for players to try out in the game including Christmas, Halloween, Soccer World Cup, Space, and Pirate.

A casino game edition will add an element of gambling to the base game. The process of “gamblifying” arcade games so that they can be offered on land-based casino floors is a hot craze right now and Doodle Jump is the latest classic arcade game to be adapted. The new Doodle Jump casino game will be similar to the existing arcade game:

Big Ideas For Mobile Games

Gamblit Gaming Chief Marketing Officer, Darion Lowenstein, stated that the game was an iconic mobile gaming title and had a huge fan base that would love to “play and win money on the classic hit in a casino”.

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Gamblit Gaming has a number of casino games installed at land-based casinos in Las Vegas such as Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, The Venetian Las Vegas, Caesars Palace, and MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

Matt Turetzky, Chief Operating Officer at Lima Sky, confirmed that his company and its developers were looking forward to bringing “one of the most iconic and beloved mobile games to the casino floor”.

Why Doodle Jump and Why Now?

Doodle Jump became reputed for its rapid selling rate on the Apple iStore. At its peak it was selling 25,000 copies of the game on a daily basis. By 2011, it had sold in excess of 15 million copies across every platform it was available on.

The reasons behind adapting Doodle Jump for the casino gaming market are clear to see. It is a proven winner on the mobile market. In the long term, developers will certainly be keeping an eye on its progress in the land-based arena with a view to expanding into the online casino and mobile casino platforms.

It is also a game that has become a common cultural reference point. “The Doodler” character has appeared in a number of other titles such as Parachute Panic, Pocket God, and The Creeps.

In an episode of The Big Bang Theory called “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”, Sheldon Cooper references the game when he spots someone playing it in hospital.

The game was also referred to in the “Sex Education” episode of Parks and Recreation, when Tom Haverford states he would rather be playing Doodle Jump.

The Future of Skill-Based Casino Games

Skill-based video game gambling is definitely being tipped as the next big thing at land-based casinos. Developer GameCo announced the release of Danger Arena at the end of 2016 and rival developers have been looking to follow in their footsteps ever since.

A number of other popular skill-based mobile games that have allegedly been touted for being converted into a casino game include titles such as Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Asphalt 8: Airborne, and Candy Crush Saga.

It can be argued that the format used for Candy Crush Saga is a proven hit with a slot version of Bejewelled already earning rave reviews over recent years.

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The big question is just how far will developers venture into the skill-based territory? Virtual reality is a technology that is growing and the opportunity to combine skill-based gaming with VR could soon be the next step.

We can all agree that the prospect of being given a chance to win a million dollar jackpot playing on a casino game version of Resident Evil 7 VR is simply mouth-watering.

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For the time being, developers are set on taking popular mobile hits and turning them into casino classics. Doodle Jump is the latest to receive the casino conversion treatment but there is certainly a feeling that the flood gates have officially opened.