These Are Officially The Most Hated Reality Stars In Dubai Right Now

These Are Officially The Most Hated Reality Stars In Dubai Right Now

Whether you actively follow reality stars on social media or not, it’s been hard to miss the news and pictures of these celebs soaking up the sunshine abroad, all while everyone else is stuck on “Plague Island”.

So where is the destination of choice for these reality stars? It seems as though Dubai has been dubbed the new hotspot for escaping lockdown, thanks to its more relaxed rules.

With the opportunity to live a semi-normal lifestyle, with restaurants, bars, and beaches all still open to the public, the opportunity was apparently too much to pass up for these influencers.

Taking advantage of the loophole that travel is allowed for business purposes only, these stars who can snap a few photos on the beach, tag the outfit, and call it “work”, have really been using their line of employment to their advantage.

However, the decision to flock to the influencer-packed city has not come without scrutiny from those that follow them. Recent reports have even claimed that some of these reality stars have been receiving death threats over the issue.

The Most Trolled Reality Stars

But which stars have received the most trolling for their winter Dubai dabbling?

We analyzed the sentiment behind any online mention directed at 26 of the reality stars who’ve visited Dubai since the beginning of December, and here’s what we found:

Most trolled influencers in Dubai

Amber Gill has been the most heavily trolled of all of the celebs, with a massive 52 percent of Tweets directed at her being negative (although we suspect this could also have something to do with the launch of yet another influencer fitness app whilst she was out there).

Many have criticized the numerous posts of her trip as being “tone deaf”, whilst others have claimed that seeing this content has had a real negative impact on their mental health during this difficult time. 

Just behind Amber on the list is her previous Love Island co-star, Molly Mae, who jetted out with boyfriend Tommy Fury (who came 5th on the list) and close pals Maura Higgins (10th) and Chris Taylor (3rd).

Of all of the male influencers who have visited Dubai within the last month, Chris Taylor has received the most negative comments.

At the other end of the spectrum, ex-Love Island (series 4) star, Hayley Hughes, has managed to fly under the radar with only 2 percent of posts directed at her being negative within the last month.

Here’s some of the backlash the influencers have been receiving on Twitter:

Is The Dubai Trend Coming To An End?

Following the surge of tourists flocking to the city, Dubai has recently reported an uptake in COVID-19 cases of 52 percent.

This has forced the UK to remove the UAE from their travel corridor, meaning that anyone returning from the city will now face 10 days of quarantine upon arrival in the UK.

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Using the social listening tool BrandWatch, we analyzed every online mention of each of these 26 reality stars to assess the sentiment behind each post. We only monitored posts which had occurred within the last month, as this is when travel to the city had seen the biggest uptake. 

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