7 Most Annoying People You’ll Find at Every Football Game

7 Most Annoying People You’ll Find at Every Football Game

Football (soccer) brings the best, and worst, out of people. Sometimes all that passion and enthusiasm for the game turns fans into absolute morons. Here’s our look at the 7 most annoying types of people you’ll find at every football game.

1. The OTT Supporter

Every club has at least one. The ridiculous fan that must be the loudest and most extra, just to let everyone know how much of a dedicated fan they are.

Portsmouth have Pompey John. If you’ve ever been to see a game with this guy in the crowd, you’ll know how annoying the constant bell ringing was that he insisted on doing (until he was banned).

Then there’s also Sheffield Wednesday supporter Paul Gregory, also known as Mr Tango. He’s the one who’s topless at every Owls match, no matter the weather.

Their commitment must be commended but we all want them to just tone it down a bit, right?

2. The Football Thug

These fans are the classic football hooligans. Like starting fights with opposition supporters. Also enjoy getting aggressive with own fellow fans when things aren’t going well for their team on the pitch.

Nobody wants them at games yet they’ll always be lingering around like a bad smell.

3. The Ultimate Pessimist

This is the kind of supporter who, even if their team is leading 4-0 at half-time, can be heard a few rows behind you saying: “Oh, it’s an invitation to lose 5-4. I can see it now!”.

No one wants the mood brought down. Their pessimism is enough to turn you into The Football Thug.

4. The Eternal Optimist

Sighting one of these rare breeds at a football match is quite an experience. They remain quiet, reserved, and unassuming.

It could be anyone. They are the believers. One in every 10 seasons, you’ll thank them for their optimism. But for the other nine, their happy-go-lucky persona makes you want to pull your hair out.

5. The Full Kit W**ker

If you know your football, then you’ll know who these are. They turn up in all conditions clad in your team’s full colors. Top, shorts, socks, and some even wear shin pads with boots.

The worst are the ones with a player’s name and number splashed across the back of their top. You know when there’s a whole Twitter account dedicated to this kind of fan, that they’re really annoying.

6. The Half-and-Half Scarf Wearers

Probably even worse than the full kit w**kers are the half-and-half scarf wearers, who just can’t seem to make up their mind.

Some are even known to wear half-and-half football tops. What does it mean? Who do they support? Why do they do it? If you’ve got the answers, we’re all ears.

7. The Phone Addict

Up there with the worst. The one who comes to watch a sold-out game, takes up a seat, but spends the whole time glued to their phone. Usually seen posting online about how much fun they’re having watching (not watching) the game.


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