The 14 Most Annoying People You’ll Find at Every Casino

The 14 Most Annoying People You’ll Find at Every Casino

What’s not to love when you’re down at the casino playing your favorite games or hitting up the slots? The music’s playing, the lights are flashing, the ambience is pumping.

But wait, there’s some outlandish dude hovering on your shoulder, drooling yesterday’s breakfast and using your collar as a tissue. Way to kill it.

Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration but you get the gist. We’ve all been there, having a great time and then in walks Joe Public. Before you know it your playtime has dropped from 100 to 0 before you can say ‘Blackjack’.

Read on to see how many of these annoying people you’ve seen at the casino. And if you haven’t, it’s probably you!

1. The Observer

Slots are for playing, right? Sure they look pretty and all and those graphics are quite a picture but if you’re stationed at a machine, you better be playing. Nothing worse than that person who just sits at a machine to watch the player next to them play. Seriously! Leave it free for an actual player.

2. The Dreamer

First up, I have nothing against dreaming. I mean, I dream big on my trips to the casino. I want to win. But that doesn’t mean I don’t keep firmly in the reality of the world.

I want to play as much as I can so when I get stuck behind these people who just stand there, or stop moving all of a sudden I get pretty peeved. Keep it moving people.

3. The Moaning Myrtle

For all you Harry Potter fans out there, nobody liked Moaning Myrtle, right? She moaned all the time, wallowing in self-pity. Same in the casino.

Don’t whine about someone else’s luck. These people just look bad and give off a bad smell. Plus they’re probably making themselves even more unlucky.

4. The Pounder

Ever pulled up at a slot machine and found that none of the buttons work? That’ll be ‘cause of the Pounder, recognized by the aggression they use on the slots. Like hitting the buttons will help win or something. These people take out all their anger on these machines, ruining the fun for us.

5. The Caveman

Where is the consideration for fellow players when the Caveman rocks up without washing or putting on deodorant? You can spot them, literally a mile off, ‘cause of the stench. It only makes a losing streak taste even more sour to end up next to one of these. And there is always one.

6. The Local

This is that one who knows everyone running the joint, from dealers to bar staff. The one who’s always in there and loves to brag about it.

With all the rewards and a big mouth to match, you’ll hear him yelling across the casino for a special room at the hotel. Needs you to know how special he is…kind of a big deal.

7. The Wannabe Pro Poker Player

Pulls up at the regular poker table decked out in shades and a mask like he’s going in for the WSOP Main Event. This player is the star of the table in his (covered) eyes only.

All the rest of us are just trying to have some fun. Gets tiring when he yells, ‘what?’ every time the dealer speaks as he refuses to remove his massive headphones. You ain’t foolin’ no one, and you look like a dumbass.

8. The Breezy Winner

Nothing’s ever been so easy for this dude. Hops from one table to the next on his first time at the casino and exclaims at how easy it all is. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all been there with beginner’s luck – but keep it to yourself. Nobody likes a reminder of how badly they might be faring.

9. The Expert

This guy or gal always has a piece of advice for every moment of your casino experience. Whatever you do is always a bad idea and you should take it from them, they know what to do. Breathing down your neck and just sticking their nose in where it’s not wanted. Or worse they whine to you about other players’ strategy.

10. The Commentator

There’s always somebody who’s a little too into whatever game they’re watching. And they let everyone else know about it. You’ll never miss a score when this person’s around. Where are their friends to let them know to shut up?

11. The Addict

This is the person dirtying the table with greasy handprints and bbq sauce because he can’t step away from the game to eat. Why is it even ok to have food at the game table? Not only does it smell gross, the person who does this usually makes disgusting sounds whilst they shovel it in too.

Chips and table covered in food? No thanks.

12. The Drunk

There are many reasons not to mix loads of alcohol with gambling and one of them is for your fellow gamblers. The Drunk, is of course drunk, and holds up the pace of the game.

They can’t figure out what their cards are saying and so take an age to decide their next move. Meanwhile we’re all sitting there wishing they’d just get on with it. And there’s always the worry you may end up with their drink knocked over you…

13. The Victim

Some people just can’t take the fact that things aren’t going their way so make it all about themselves. There’s nothing worse than that player who takes out all this angst against the dealer. As if it’s the dealer’s fault they’re getting bad cards. They bring bad vibes for players and dealers alike.

14. The Jingler

Maybe it’s nerves, maybe it’s a condition. Whatever it is, the one who can’t stop playing with their chips makes this list. There’s enough noise going on without someone else’s nervous rhythm getting into my system and throwing off my game. Take your fidgeting somewhere else.

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