Gone in 40 Seconds: The Worst Value Fight in History?

Conor McGregor’s brilliant performance at UFC 246 when he beat Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone in just 40 seconds will go down in history.

It will also go down in history for being one of the worst value-for-money fights ever.

The following tweet sums it up perfectly:

We calculated how much pay-per-view (PPV) fans in the US and UK spent per second and per strike thrown. The figures are in.

If you paid to watch the fight in the US:

That’s a pretty expensive fight.

40 seconds is barely enough time to grab a drink.

McGregor threw 19 strikes, 100% of which were delivered to the head (as reported by UFC Stats).

That works out at $3.42 a strike for US PPV customers.


Image: Twitter/atulyaaman

You’d have got slightly more for your money if you’d paid to watch it in the UK.

BT Sport charged £19.95 to watch the fight, which worked out at just under 50p per second.

Although it remains unclear how much money McGregor actually earned for the fight, he predicted he’d rake in around $80 million.

If that’s anything to go by, the fighter was making a mere $2 million per SECOND.

He only threw 19 strikes.

That means he has potentially earned over $4.2 million per strike.

And the Dubliner’s going to earn a hell of a lot more with the potential big-fights that are reportedly on the table for 2020, too…