This Is How Fast Man City’s Owner Could Pay Off The Biggest Fines In Sport

This Is How Fast Man City’s Owner Could Pay Off The Biggest Fines In Sport

If you’ve not been following this story, here’s a quick rundown of what happened…

February 2020

UEFA decided to ban City from European football (soccer) for two years, as they allegedly breached Financial Fair Play regulations (FFP). On top of this, they would be fined €30m (£26.9m).

City then appealed the decision in the same month and it went to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

Fast forward to July 2020 for the 3-day hearing in Switzerland.

July 13, 2020: The Verdict

The two-year ban from European football was wiped out and it was agreed City could compete next year.

The €30m (£26.9m) fine was also reduced to €10m (£9m).

Now we’re not here to challenge or give our opinions on the decision. Tons of managers including Mourinho, Arteta, Klopp and obviously Pep Guardiola have all given their opinions on it.

But here at, we stumbled across an interesting Reddit thread on how much Sheikh Mansour earns per minute.

It got us thinking: how quickly would it take him to pay off the above fine? What about some of the other biggest fines in sport?

We’ve crunched the numbers and the results are shocking.

Based off his salary by the minute, it would take Sheikh Mansour just 1hr 20 to pay off the £9 million fine.

Now let’s take some of the biggest fines that clubs have had to pay and look at how long it would take the billionaire to pay off:

Assuming all fines are issued at 9am, it would take Sheikh Mansour this long to pay them off:

Clubs InvolvedReasonClub Fine

Minutes To Pay Off

Paid Off By

Manchester CityUEFA Fine£9m8010.20
LyonCrowd Troubles£85m74021.21
West HamTransfer Misconduct by West Ham£41.5m37015.10
Man City & PSGBoth Breached UEFA Regulations£17m15011.30
QPRFoul Financial Fair Play£40m35014.50
Tottenham HotspursIllegal Payments To Players At Tottenham£1.5m2009.20
Chelsea & Tottenham HotspursFailing to control players at Stamford Bridge£600K1009.10
ArsenalPlayer Incident£175K1009.10

Even if he got stung by the Lyon crowd troubles fine (£85m) he’d still have paid it off in time for bed. Happy days for Mansour.

The man is so rich he doesn’t know what to do with all that cash. Outside of his fines, you’ll see him splashing out on things like a $450 MILLION yacht.

Who Even Is Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan?

Meet the man who earns £115,000 every minute

Mansour bin Zyed AL Nahyan
A £9m fine is no bother for this guy. [Image: Österreichische Außenministerium – AM Spindelegger in Abu Dhabi, CC BY 2.0]

Name: Mansour bin Zyed AL Nahyan

Born: November 20, 1970 (age 49)

Nationality: Emirati

Net Worth: $22 billion (2018)

Occupation: Deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates

Other Interests:

  • Chairman of the International Petroleum Company
  • Has a stake in Virgin Galactic
  • Manchester City’s Football Club Owner


Lead Image: The Sun