The Bond Songs That Have Shaken (Not Stirred) Up The Biggest Profits

When it comes to movie soundtracks, James Bond has undoubtedly produced some of the most iconic theme songs out there, some arguably as iconic as the movies themselves.

But which of these soundtracks has produced the biggest profits through Spotify?

We analyze the data to find out…

The Best And Worst Performers

Coming in at number one, with the song he described as being one of the highlights of his career, is Sam Smith’s “Writings On The Wall”.

This soared past Adele’s previous achievement of over 129 million streams by racking up almost 165 million streams since its release, and totalling an estimated profit of $718,773 through Spotify alone.

Unsurprisingly, Adele didn’t write her infamous “Skyfall” without setting any records herself. The single spent a whopping 32 weeks in the top 100 charts, 13 weeks longer than any other James Bond soundtrack has managed…

But is there a new contender? Just one week after the release of her new James Bond soundtrack; “No Time To Die”,  Billie Eilish has already racked up enough streams to put her in fifth place on our rankings, having earnt $145,745 in just seven days on Spotify.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lulu’s “The Man With The Golden Gun” has seen the smallest number of Spotify streams of all the Bond songs. Her single received just over 1.5 million plays through Spotify.

If we compare these in the chart above, we can see that this was 163 million times less than “Writing’s On The Wall”, despite being released 30 years later. Since landing on Spotify, the song has earned just $6,893 through the platform.

James Bond’s Biggest Earners

The top three top spots are taken by a very iconic trio.

In third place is the Paul McCartney & Wings’ classic, “Live and Let Die”, that aired in 1973 as the theme tune for the eighth Bond film.

Adele is in second place with “Skyfall”. With a mega 129,335,097 streams, she currently has over double the number of those in third place. A massive leap to say the least.

However, there is one clear winner dominating our leader board. Sam Smith has had the highest number of streams, which is pretty astonishing when you consider that this song only launched in 2015.

Our list compiles of an eclectic mix of music geniuses, who have undoubtedly earned the right to go down in music history.

Methodology: Using a combination of Spotify and data found on, we found out how many streams each song has received through Spotify, then calculated its earnings using Digital Music News’ calculation of $0.00437 per play. Data gathered 14.02.2020