How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction – Book Review

Eddie Coronado believes he's discovered the secret to winning the lottery, and though you might not become a millionaire by reading his book, it could improve your life.
Eddie Coronado believes he’s discovered the secret to winning the lottery, and though you might not become a millionaire by reading his book, it could improve your life.

In “How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction,” author Eddie Coronado explains that the reader can learn to manifest money easily, become a “money magnet,” and develop “manifestation techniques” that have won players anywhere from $50,000 all the way to a cool 200 grand or more.

But if you’re like most people, you probably have your fair share of doubts over Coronado’s assertions, which is precisely why we decided to read and review this popular title.

The Law of Attraction

Before we begin reviewing the book, let’s first examine what the Law of Attraction claims. Dating back to the mid-19th century during the New Thought philosophical and spiritual movement, the Law of Attraction isn’t all about whether you and that stunning man or woman at the other end of the bar are going to connect and fall deeply in love.

Instead, the law is referencing the claim that “like attracts like,” meaning a person has the potential to improve their life by focusing on positive energy, and with enough effort and concentration, possesses the power to obtain whatever he or she wishes. Coronado believes a skilled master in the Law of Attraction can manifest lottery prizes for their own personal gain.

“The Universal Law cannot say no to you because its nature is to create circumstances based upon the quality of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs,” Coronado writes in his book.

The Law of Skepticism

Skeptic? Yes, we were too, so we did a bit more digging to find out whether Coronado is out for his own selfish financial interests, or whether the lottery truly can be cheated with intense focus.

Before you chalk this book up to hearsay and snag a rom-com novel, you might want to consider that the Law of Attraction has been backed by plenty of notable minds, most famously Rhonda Byrne, author of the wildly successful 2006 self-help book “The Secret.”

Based upon “The Science of Getting Rich,” a 1910 New Thought book, Byrne’s guide attracted the attention of Oprah who devoted two episodes to the book and went on to sell 19 million copies worldwide and was made into a feature film.

So is there something to the Law of Attraction? In “The Secret,” Lisa Nichols, a renowned motivational speaker says:

“Every time you look inside your mail expecting to see a bill, guess what? It’ll be there. Why? Because you expected debt to the there. So it showed up, because the Law of Attraction is always being obedient to your thoughts. Do yourself a favor: expect a check!”

While positive thinking certainly can’t hurt, scientific evidence is frail when it comes to supporting any concrete Law of Attraction claims. But that hasn’t stopped its supporters from continuing to promote the activity as a way to improve one’s life.

Another popular book based on the Law of Attraction, Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" has sold nearly 20 million copies.
Another popular book based on the Law of Attraction, Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” has sold nearly 20 million copies.

The Law According to Eddie

Eddie Coronado is a lottery winner who first focused on winning $50,000 to pay off bills and rid his debt. With the help of the Universal Law, he says he soon won $50,000 playing the California Lottery. Since then, he’s won several more prizes, albeit smaller takes, and has used the Law of Attraction in other parts of his life including business, relationships, and motivation.

First and foremost, Coronado says expectation is one of the most powerful tools we humans are equipped, while through it we have the ability to change the course of our lives for the better, and of course for the worse. “Every Law of Attraction lottery winner has successfully used the power of expectation to manifest a jackpot.”

Expectation is, as you know, what you believe or hope will happen. Lottery players who win first off believe they have a better chance of winning than losing over the long run. Why else would they take the risk? “Similar to the way an athlete expects to build muscles with each successive workout, you can expect to manifest your desires as you perform the mental and emotional exercises described in this book,” he writes.

In “How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction,” his second book on the subject, Coronado tells readers how to not only master expectations, but also how to utilize gratitude, as a grateful person is more predisposed to being rewarded. Finally, he’ll walk you through the steps to receive your expectations.


“How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction” is a fascinating read that will appeal to both believers and skeptics alike. Though Coronado’s evidence is light on scientific facts, he makes up for it through the positive happenings in his daily life.

You might not ultimately win the lottery by reading Eddie Coronado’s book, but you might win something much more valuable: a positive, forward-thinking, optimistic lifestyle.