How Casino Game Streamers Bank Serious Money

How Casino Game Streamers Bank Serious Money

Twitch has been around for years now, although it’s still generally considered rather niche. Most people’s interaction with the platform for many years was through watching people play video games.

Live streaming differs from YouTube because, as the name implies, the video is streamed live with community engagement, chat and hilarious real-time responses as compared to cut together videos.

Casino streamers have found a unique audience, live streaming their game play to hundreds and even thousands of gambling fans. Wondering if a slot is worthwhile? Want to learn more about how to win big at poker? It could be worth watching some popular live streamers to get some tips. Watching also helps them become wealthy, too…

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Subscribers Add Monthly Income

While you can follow anyone you like on Twitch to easily find their streams, subscribing gives access to exclusive chat features and can give custom emojis. It costs $5 for a month, with many people choosing to pay for four or five months up front.

Subscription fees are split 50/50 between the Twitch platform and creators, and subscribers can become a significant source of monthly income for streamers. Members of Twitch Prime also get one free subscription each month, although it’s unclear if creators get paid for those.

Previously, Twitch had clear indications how many subscribers a streamer might have, whereas now the focus is on followers. Even if you assume that only 5-10% of followers go on to subscribe to a channel, this can be serious cash. The most followed casino game streamers on Twitch have over 60,000 followers.

While this is minuscule compared to the largest video game streamers like Ninja and Riot Games, it’s still fairly safe to assume that these channels are getting $10,000 per month or more from subscribers. That’s certainly enough to create a regular gambling budget…

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Donations and Patrons Give More

There are also options to give more if you enjoy a stream. Numerous streamers have options for donations. These are typically done through services that payout via PayPal, although they can use other tip jar services as the case may be.

Twitch partners and affiliates can also earn bits. Viewers can buy packs of bits, or even earn them for free. They can then use those bits to cheer on their favorite streamers, rewarding them and thanking them for the entertainment. Each bit is worth about 1 cent for the streamer, but viewers will often give hundreds or even thousands of bits to the streamers they like.

To make a more consistent living, many streamers turn to Patreon or other similar services. These allow fans to sign up to give a regular amount each month. Creators then get a monthly stipend in return for patron rewards such as exclusive streams, unique gifts, one-on-one chats, shout outs and more.

For casino streamers like The Big Jackpot, this can include access to a private Facebook group, behind-the-scenes footage, limited edition swag and the chance to be on a podcast with their favorite streamer.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links have been around for ages, with many top creators using affiliate status with Amazon or other online retailers to make extra cash. They might have a link in their bio to the various gear they use in their videos – such as headsets or cameras – and if you go and buy those products by clicking the link, they earn a small commission.

Casino streamers can also have links to various casinos. These aren’t asking you to buy equipment, but rather are directing you to different online casinos to get your bonus. When you visit the site, sign up and deposit money to get your welcome bonus, the streamer will also earn a small commission.

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Sponsorship and Partnership

Once a streamer reaches a certain level of success, they often stop worrying about running ads on their stream or pitching specific products. Instead, they start working directly with the brands themselves.

Video game streamers were typically paid to play certain games for a specific amount of time. While it was a gray area about whether or not they had to be positive about the games, the pure fact that a huge number of popular streamers were playing the same title could boost sales.

With casino streamers, they will often get sponsored by a specific online casino. Logon to a stream, and you might see that the stream has a logo and background from a specific site. This could make you curious about where the winner is playing, sending you to that site to sign up.

Some online casinos also only open chat channels on the stream with players who are members of the casino. You might even find that the casino pays the gambler for streaming certain games, and gives them funds towards the bankroll to make it worthwhile for them to play new slots or casino variations.

While becoming a successful streamer can take time and dedication, it can definitely be worthwhile. It’s hard to say how much twitch streamers earn, in large part because of all these different revenue streams. Like professional athletes, they could end up getting paid by sponsors, brands and more. But for some, this is their full-time job. Getting paid to gamble all day? For many, that’s the definition of success.

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