Hangover Cures Take Vegas By Storm

Someone receiving treatment for a typical hangover
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A new craze has invaded Las Vegas recently and it consists of party goers hooking themselves up to a drip in order to recover quicker from a Sin City-induced hangover from hell.

Hangover Heaven are the company behind the treatment but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Does A Hangover Cure Really Exist?

It can sometimes be used as a joke reference before a night out in Vegas. One friend will say to the other “you’re going to get so drunk you’re going to need to be put on an IV drip to recover”. Well, that is now a truthful statement. It is possible to get hooked up to one of those things after a night of slamming the shots.

So what does it entail? A company by the name of Hangover Heaven provides a door-to-door service that allows individuals suffering from a hangover to feel instantly better.

The team intravenously injects customers with a mix of vitamin B and vitamin C, along with antioxidant glutathione. The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes.

There is also the option to take anti-nausea and headache relief medication as part of the treatment.

Founder Doctor Jason Burke said the company had treated more than 20,000 customers and they’ve all given the service glowing reviews.

Hangover Heaven is set to become even more popular as tourists look to make the most of their time in Vegas by avoiding wasting hours suffering from a hangover after a night out.

Did Somebody Say Room Service?

Hangover Heaven bus with a blue and white background
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Yes, Hangover Heaven even offers an additional luxury service where they will come to your hotel room.

It costs an extra $300 and a qualified nurse practitioner will attend in order to deliver the treatment in line with Nevada state law.

In circumstances where you cannot afford the additional fee for Hangover Heaven to come to you, there is still the chance to take a shuttle bus directly to the company’s clinic. We say shuttle bus. It’s more like some kind of VIP rock star tour bus.

The only thing missing is the groupies but in terms of accessibility, it could not be easier.

The Ideal Destination

Doctor Burke has certainly picked a great city to set up this hangover cure business. Las Vegas ranked as the 14th drunkest city in the US and that’s even before the tourists are taken into account.

The average Las Vegas resident reportedly drinks 1.46 adult beverages each month. It has also been speculated that roughly 5% of Las Vegas residents are classed as heavy drinkers.

If you throw into the mix the high volume of tourists that come to Vegas for gambling, partying, and drinking then that number gets a bit higher. It is that demographic that Burke will target.

Tourists that do not want to waste hours of their day in bed with a hangover when they are only visiting the city for a short period of time are his customer base. His motto is basically get them on the drip, get them better, and get them back out there discovering more of Las Vegas.

That’s Not All!

A typical example of a drunk patient, on a brown wooden background
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The Hangover Heaven experience does not begin and end with IV treatment for hangovers.

If you are not a fan of being hooked up to the drip then the company offers hydration electrolyte concentrate. The concentrate is a mixture of potassium, sodium, and magnesium. It’s an alternative method of attacking hangovers before they can take full effect.

There are, of course, still the cynics out there who will state that the best way to cure a hangover (apart from not drinking!) is by drinking water regularly, downing some energy drinks, and getting as much fruit inside you as possible. Maybe throw in a McDonald’s double cheeseburger in for good measure.

Some argue that Hangover Heaven is simply just a fad. Others are saying that it’s revolutionizing partying in Vegas. Next time you’re in Sin City why don’t you give it a try and decide for yourself?