Fortnite’s Black Hole Manages to (Temporarily) Silence Brexit

Fans of Fortnite will probably never forget about the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2. The game’s map, players and entire world was pulled into a swirling black hole – and they couldn’t play it for almost two days.

During that time, we noticed a big spike in the number of people who were trying to get answers.

In fact, the search for “black hole” very nearly overtook the number of people who were also trying to get answers for “Brexit” on October 14. At least one mystery is now solved.

Here’s what happened during the Fortnite blackout:

The team at decided to take a look at another mystery that a certain footballer’s wife has been single-handedly trying to solve the past five months.

And when Coleen Rooney did eventually reveal who she believed was the one sharing her private information with the Press, we also saw a spike in traffic for “Rebekah Vardy” on October 9. The WAG actually blew both Brexit and Fortnite out of the water with a whopping search score of 91.

But when we look at it by country, we can see that not many people outside of the UK actually really cared about the battle of the WAGs…

At least the black hole didn’t last forever. It just an epic way to launch the next chapter.

So, what updates are we getting with Fortnite Chapter 2?

Well, as you may know now and if you don’t, I don’t know where you’ve been… But thankfully out of Fortnite’s black hole came Fortnite Chapter 2!

These are just some of the features you can look forward to:

  • The map has been redesigned and various things have been added within the game, like the 13 exciting new locations.
  • If you don’t want to fly on build, you can now go into boats. You can also go fishing now and if your health is down, you can just grab a certain fish to regain it!
  • There are no goals like squad goals… There is this new feature called ‘bandage bazooka’ where you can shoot teammates. So, not only are you giving back and helping your squad but also celebrating with new team members!
  • John Cena would say: “You can’t see me” but now you can be invisible by gaining new objects.
  • Let’s not forget either that you can now high five your buddies.

There are tons more out there – it’s more innovative than ever!

Notes: Search interest score is relative to the highest point on the chart (100) for the given region and time. A score of 100 is the peak popularity for the term and 50 would mean it is half as popular.

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