Who Will Join the eLions for the Historic FIFA eNations Cup?

Who Will Join the eLions for the Historic FIFA eNations Cup?

As video games have progressed, they get ever closer to reality. Real-world players are recreated in stunning detail in FIFA games, as are the stadiums and crowds. EA Games and FIFA work together closely to create these games, and now they are working together to create a truly unique esports event, the FIFA eNations Cup.

Year after year, FIFA is one of the most popular video game releases. Millions of players around the world get in on the action, with numerous esports events organized at the local, national, and international levels. Because of the partnership between EA and FIFA, they’re able to add weight and authority to these events.

And they just got even more serious.

Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League) FIFA 19
Image: Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League) FIFA 19 via fifplay.com

The first FIFA eNations Cup

There has been an esports version of the World Cup within FIFA for years. Individual players qualify through a series of tournaments and events, often raking in impressive prizes regardless of where they play.

But this is something different. Rather than letting individual players qualify online, leading to an eventual playoff and championship, this event divides the players into nations from the beginning.

The FIFA eNations Cup is an invite-only event, with 16 international teams playing against each other in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. It’s one of eight majors in the EA Sports FIFA 19 Global Series, which also includes the eClub Cup and World Cup.

FIFA 19 The Journey Three Heros: Alex Hunter, Kim Hunter and Danny Williams
Image: FIFA 19 The Journey Three Heros: Alex Hunter, Kim Hunter and Danny Williams via fifplay.com

Qualifiers and Invites

In the UK, the FA announced that in the same way there are various Lions teams for physical sporting events, there would be an eLions team created for the FIFA eNations Cup. The qualifiers were organized with respected tournament managers, the ESL.

In order to ensure the best players get a spot, plus the general public could participate, players were invited to qualifiers, while certain top-tier players were invited straight into the finals.

The final four players have been announced for the finals, being held from Thursday at 2pm.

The eNations Cup Qualifier will be live streamed on the FA YouTube channel, bringing the esports experience to even more fans of the game.

Around the World

But the England Football Association isn’t the only organization that needs to establish a national team. Some of the other nations involved in the event have been announced.

So far, all the announced teams include:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • England
  • Finland
  • France
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • South Africa
  • Sweden

With a quick check of the other countries, it is clear that some of them are excited to be taking part in the event, but not all nations have revealed how players will be able to qualify. It’s an intriguing situation.

Unlike football, which is organized with leagues and associations within each country in order to be allowed to join the FIFA rankings and World Cup, esports tournaments are often run by various organizations. There may or may not be governmental oversight for these events, or even national leagues or rankings. As a result, each country could come up with their own qualifiers for this impressive new event.

Danny Williams (Manchester United)
Image: Danny Williams (Manchester United) via fifplay.com