Craps Tips – Should You Play Crapless Craps?

We have some great craps tips for you this week. If you’ve been to enough casinos, you might have come across a popular variation on standard craps known as “Crapless Craps.” Played on what mostly looks like a normal craps table, this game features all of the same betting types as a regular craps game. In fact, most of the prop bets and other wagering options you’re used to if you’ve played craps before will be exactly as you remember them.Crapless Craps Tips

The biggest difference between Crapless Craps and a normal game is the fact that you cannot lose on the come out roll. In standard craps, pass line bets win even money if the come out roll is a 7 or an 11, but lose immediately if a 2, 3 or 12 are rolled. All other numbers become “points,” and the player wins the pass line bet only if the point is rolled before a 7.

Crapless Craps changes things a bit by eliminating the possibility of losing on a 2, 3, or 12. Instead, these numbers simply become additional potential points. In order to gain this luxury, players only have to give up the automatic win on a roll of 11 (which also becomes a point number).

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

At first glance, this seems like an incredible deal for the player. On the come out roll itself, you’re only losing one number that you would win on (the 11), which is balanced by the fact that a 3 no longer causes a loss. When you add in the fact that you’ll also be saved when a 2 or 12 is the come out roll, it seems as though Crapless Craps has you coming out ahead.

But our craps tips dig deep because appearances can be deceiving. On the come out roll, there’s only a 1 in 18 chance that a 2 or 12 will be rolled, so those rarely come into play. In addition, giving up the 11 as an automatic win costs you about 3/4 of a bet, since you’ll only hit a point of 11 one time out of four. This is also true of a point of 3, while points of 2 and 12 only win one time in seven, adding very little benefit to the player.

Overall, the house edge on the pass line bet in Crapless Craps is 5.38% — nearly four times as high as the 1.41% edge the casino has in standard craps. While this number comes down a bit when you consider that you can take odds behind your pass line bets, this is also true in standard craps – making the original game the far superior bet.

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