Craps Etiquette – Craps Rules For Playing Right

Etiquette plays an important role in all casino table games and craps is no exception. You are interacting with the dealer, the other players, and large sums of money are on the line. Without some basic rules, there would surely be chaos. Though online players don’t have to worry about such things, if you would like to learn about playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, then this is an essential part of the game. From the extremely practical poinCrapsts to the downright absurd, this is what you need to know about craps etiquette.

The most formal kinds of craps etiquette were put in place long ago to prevent cheating. These are the kinds of the mistakes that the croupier will call you out on because they are actually considered house rules – the most important of which revolve around handling the dice. First, you may only use one hand to handle the dice at any given point. This is to prevent cheaters from swapping in a set of loaded dice. Next, the dice must remain directly over the table at all times. Again, this is to make sure you aren’t dropping the original dice over the edge of the table when swapping in a loaded pair. Finally, when acting as the shooter, all rolled dice must strike the far wall and bounce back; the casino doesn’t want players controlling their throws.

Other points have more to do with being respectful. It should go without saying, but keep your belongings off of the table so that they don’t interfere with the rolling dice. Additionally, be mindful of any drinks you have so that they do not accidentally spill on the play area. There are also tons of superstitions that vary from city to city and player to player. You may accidentally offend somebody, and if they say something, politely apologize and make a mental note of it. Everybody is in the casino to have fun and, even if it’s totally irrational, there’s no reason to keep doing or saying something that is bothering another player. A common example is that it is considered unlucky to say the word ‘seven’ while the shooter is chasing the point.

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