Coronavirus: Plunging Profits And The Most Concerned US States

Coronavirus: Plunging Profits And The Most Concerned US States

The outbreak of coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in Wuhan, China, is having a massive impact on the gambling industry.

If you didn’t already know, Macau has closed its casinos in an attempt to prevent the deadly virus spreading further.

It’s currently unclear whether its gaming venues will re-open as originally planned on February 19. Due to the lockdown, some analysts believe that Macau could see a 95 percent plunge in gross gaming revenue (GGR) this month, with other reports suggesting the industry is losing as much as $100 million each day.

We wanted to investigate further, so we had our research team look into the facts and figures. Keep reading to discover data on:

  • The impact the virus is having on Macau and the wider gambling industry
  • The most popular masks and which countries are looking for them
  • How worried people are in the US and the UK 
  • Which US states are most concerned about coronavirus
  • What else the world is Googling around the topic

The casinos are suffering while other companies are winning.

Pharmaceuticals and mask manufacturers are working around the clock to keep up with demand, with stock flying off the shelves as soon as it’s created.

With this in mind, we looked up some of the most popular types of masks and which countries were searching for them the most.

Here’s what we found:

Singapore and Hong Kong have the highest search interest scores for masks.

Our researchers found 3m, surgical and N95 masks to be the most popular. People have been searching for hazmat suits too, with companies reporting to have run out of stock.

Neither the UK nor the US appeared amongst the top five search interest scores, so just how worried are they?

We analyzed survey results and delved deeper into search trends in the US only to find out.

The five states that are searching for coronavirus the most all have a score of 80 or above.

Are people in the US concerned… or just curious?

We looked at some recent survey results to find out more:

Source: Statista | Image:

50 percent of the US seems to be just about as concerned as they were about Ebola, while a quarter are more concerned.

35 percent either don’t know or are less concerned about coronavirus.

But what about in the UK? How do the public feel over the pond?

We examined survey results to see how a big a threat Brits believe the virus poses.

Source: Statista | Image:

It seems that people in the UK are torn.

Nearly a quarter of Brits see coronavirus as a major threat, while another quarter see it as minimal.

Then there are the 1/10 of the public who are just not sure at all…

So as the fear is spreading as quickly as the virus, we thought we’d also look into other popular internet searches:

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We hope you enjoyed this piece.

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We used Google Trends to measure the search interest score of terms related to, and including, coronavirus in the past 30 days. Data collected and correct as of 12.02.2020.