Caught On Camera: The Biggest Casino Bust Ups Ever

Las Vegas is famous across the world for hosting high profile boxing matches but it is generally believed that fighting and gambling are two things that should never cross.

Sometimes egos and words do clash in the casino though and the result is violence. Here’s a look at 5 of the biggest casino fights captured on video. Thank you Internet for letting these shocking moments live on for all eternity. 

Warning: These videos contain offensive language and aggressive behavior.

Fight at Harrah’s Poker Room, New Orleans

The footage of this relentless brawl begins with everything under control. One player wearing a red shirt has just won a huge pot at the poker table. Sadly, the defeated player in the hand is a bit of a sore loser. He proceeds to call over his steroid-munching friend in an attempt to gain physical revenge on the winning player.

At first, the victorious player is reluctant to get involved in any fisticuffs. However, he soon feels that enough is enough and despite trying to avert the situation he launches into a brutal beat down. What follows is a hard lesson in social justice with the winning player laying a tirade of hits down on the beefcake before sending him on his way and returning to the table to collect his chips.

Massive Brawl at Resorts World Casino, Queens, New York City

If you are looking for mass brawls in a casino then you will be hard pushed to find one larger than this incident at the Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York City.

From the very first minute of this video, there is nothing but carnage. These are scenes that can only be equalled by organized hooligan fights at soccer matches with over 400 people allegedly involved.

The undoubted highlight of the video is at 23 seconds into the footage when a man at the bar dressed in an orange shirt takes the immediate action required… save the drinks! He calmly watches on as the brawl closes in and passes his beverages to a friend who is in a safer area. Instinctive thinking right there! The sadistic beauty of this brawl is that every time you think the fighting is done you are transported to another setting where it all kicks off once more. You’ll be struggling to catch your breath by the end.

Scuffle at the The Orleans Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

This fight is almost so perfect in its set-up that you would not be ridiculed for thinking it was staged. The Mexican stand-off, the flurry of blows that are exchanged at blistering pace, the random female showing no concern for her own safety, and the topless hero showing off those “guns” as the chaos dies down.
It is hard to judge what exactly caused the brawl. We are introduced to the characters of this scrap just before all hell breaks loose. It looks like it could be a case of hair envy. Possibly one group is unhappy that the other group has a better set of slick-backed hairstyles. Or maybe one guy hit on the other guy’s girl? It is all open to speculation.

Hells Angels vs Mongols Fight at Harrah’s Casino in Laughlin, Nevada

A biker brawl just had to be included on this list and this footage comes from 2002 during the River Run Biker Rally. A small number of Hells Angels bikers decided to visit Harrah’s Casino for a drink when they were fully aware that rival biker group, the Mongols, were staying there.
Despite attempts by acting president of the Mongols, Roger Pinney, to diffuse any potential situation from starting, it all kicked off. Just as it looked like peace might prevail, a member of the Hells Angels launches a punch across the casino floor at one of the Mongols. The fight only lasted a few minutes before police stormed the casino and restored order. However, in that short time, two Hells Angels bikers and one Mongols biker lost their lives.

Cheap Talk at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California

A bit of banter at the blackjack table is always enjoyable but when it goes too far and becomes malicious then it can take a turn for the worse. That was certainly the case at the Commerce Casino when three men became involved in an exchange of words.
The verbal jousting begins when one player on the right of the camera complains that he is being disrespected by a player opposite. The complainant is then backed up by a rather blasphemous player next to him. The result is a game of insult tennis that embarrasses all three players. The highlight is undoubtedly the Asian player in the middle of it all calmly remaining quiet as he sits on $4 million worth of chips.