Casino Bonus Strategy – Strategies for Sticky Bonuses

Increasingly, online casino sites are changing the way their bonuses work. Historically, most bonuses were known as “cashable bonuses”. These bonuses worked in the way you’d probably expect a bonus to function; once you met the wagering requirements, the amount of the bonus was transferred into your casino bonus strategy

Today, the majority of bonus offers are “sticky” bonuses. These bonuses give you more money to play with in a casino, but that money is mostly just an illusion; at the end of the bonus, that money is taken back by the casino. While you can keep any winnings made off of the bonus funds, the funds are usually described as being “for play only”. This requires a change in your usual casino bonus strategy.

The Sticky Advantage

While these sticky bonuses may not sound as appealing as a traditional cashable bonus, they’re often an even better deal for players who know how to take advantage of them. Generally, these sticky bonuses tend to be larger than cashable bonuses, and this extra money can be used to give players a big edge over the casino sites.

The key to getting the most out of a sticky bonus is aggressively wagering your money. Since you’ll be losing the bonus funds at the end of the bonus anyway, you can’t really “lose” that money at all; instead, you need to use it in an attempt to quickly increase your account balance before the house edge inevitably cuts into your funds. That’s the key to this casino bonus strategy.

How It Works

For instance, let’s imagine a rather simple 100% matching sticky bonus of up to $100. If you accept this bonus for the full amount, you’ll have $200 to play with – $100 that actually belongs to you, and $100 you’re “borrowing” from the casino. The best way to get the most from such a bonus is to wager all $200 on a single bet.

This may sound insanely risky, but not only is it mathematically sound, it actually results in the player having an enormous advantage! For instance, imagine you made this bet on a single spin of a European roulette wheel, in which you bet on red. If you win the bet, you’ll win $200 – all of which you get to keep as winnings. If you lose, you only really lose $100, since the casino would have eventually taken back the other $100 anyway. This results in a player edge of about $45.95.

A Word Of Warning

Before you try playing this way, however, it’s important that you take into account the terms and conditions of your bonus offer. In many cases, playing in such a manner will cause a casino site to treat you as a bonus abuser, which could result in your winnings being voided. In addition, some games or specific bets (often including “low risk” bets like red/black on blackjack) may specifically be disallowed while you clear the bonus.

If you want to clear your sticky bonus without getting into trouble, your best bet is to figure out what is specifically allowed by the casino’s terms and conditions, and then attack the bonus as aggressively as possible given that framework. In many cases, by using this casino bonus strategy you’ll still be able to make sticky bonuses profitable even when playing by the casino’s rules.