Samantha Beckett

Samantha's creative mind means she knows what grabs a customer's attention, whether in a casino or on the shelf. Her varied background ranges from designing slots game visuals for her art school portfolio, to studying digital marketing. Though she applied to be in our marketing team, her skill in pursuing freebies was a force to be reckoned with. She became Head of Bonus and Promotion Evaluation in 2015. Nobody in the office misses a promo with Samantha around! Simply put, she is a self-confessed bargain hunter, and her diverse skillset can only be outshone by her passion for casinos. Her team hunt down offers as well as decoding complex terms and conditions.

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man in grocery store is exposed to same consumer techniques as casinos

How Your Local Grocery Store Is Designed Like A Casino

One we go to a couple times a year for entertainment, the other at least weekly out of necessity. Although the reasons we go to them couldn't be more different, casinos and supermarkets are extremely similar in design. Thanks to an increased understanding in consumer psychology,...

November 20, 2017 6 min read

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How To Get High In Vegas

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10 Free Things To Do In Vegas

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How Much Do Casino Security Officers Earn Around The USA?

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Las Vegas Power

How Much Power Does Vegas Actually Use?

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