Kevin Horridge

Kevin is nothing short of a cybersecurity genius. Before joining us in 2001, he worked at the forefront of online banking as it took off in the 80s. Holding degrees in both Information and Computer Sciences, his career path eventually led to the fascinating world of casino and gambling security. His team apply the most rigorous casino security testing methods, devised by Mr. Horridge himself, before we even consider recommending them to you. Kevin now resides in Oxfordshire, having spent most of his career working in London. This high-flying expert still manages to keep things down to earth, growing his own vegetables and being the proud owner of two chickens.

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Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood
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A Giant Guitar Building is Coming to Hard Rock Casino

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Twitch Unity logo promoting a safe space for creators
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Trainwrecks Banned from Twitch Over Sexist Comments

Notorious live online gaming streamer Trainwrecks was officially banned from social media site Twitch after he was found to have...
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6 Ways Casinos Stop Dice Cheats

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