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Kevin Horridge

Saudi Arabia To Build Its Own Version Of Vegas

Saudi kingdom tower at sunset

It was not all that long ago that the world would have laughed at the prospect of a Las Vegas-sized entertainment hub being built in the middle of the Saudi Arabian landscape. However, as we stand here in 2017 it now appears that is exactly what is about to happen. An innovative entertainment complex is…Read More

7 Foods That Boost Your Winning Chances

knife, fork and plate illustration in black on cream background with title text 'saying the best foods to eat before you gamble

If you’re not in the correct state of mind heading onto the casino floor, then you’ll fall victim to some shameful decision-making. A key part of attaining the right mentality for gambling is eating the right food. But just what are the best foods to eat before a gambling session? Well, we’re glad you asked….Read More

10 Rising eSports Stars

retro gamer background for esports stars

The eSports industry is growing year-on-year and a new generation of superstars has been born. In an age when gamers are evolving from geeks to Gods, we take a look at the top 10 players that are set to become icons on the global stage. Sumail “Suma1L” Syed Hassan(Dota 2) This 18 year old Pakistani…Read More

New Research Proves Violent Video Games Don’t Psychologically Affect You

drawing of guy laying in pool of blood with knife in his back

It is a debate that has raged on through the ages. Now it appears to have finally been resolved. The question of whether violent video games have any negative psychological effects on players has been answered with a resounding no. Columbine… Where the Argument Began On 20th April, 1999, two senior students at Columbine High…Read More

10 Best eSports Documentaries Ever

text about esports documentaries on static TV background

The eSports industry is one that is evolving at a rapid pace right now. There are loads of awesome documentaries out there that explore the industry and attempt to discover what makes eSports such a popular market. Here are the top 10 eSports documentaries of all time: MTV True Life: I’m a Gamer We start…Read More

Mobile Gaming Market Is Now Worth Over $41 Billion

hands holding phone with game controller on screen

Mobile gaming has become big business in a short space of time. This boom has had a massive impact on US gamers. One of the most obvious signs of this increase in popularity is the average amount of money players now spend on in-game purchases. Let’s take a look at which games have been the…Read More

11 Sneaky Ways To Cheat At Slots

slot machine cartoon on read background

Slot machines are some of the most lucrative games on the casino floor for both the players, the house and cheaters. Even though they’re electronic, slots easily attract as many cheaters as the classic table games like roulette. Slots can rake in the most money from stakes but they can also deliver some of the biggest…Read More

The Surprising Stats Behind New Year’s Resolutions

new years resolution yellow post it notes

You make a New Year’s resolution with the best of intentions and promise yourself everything will be different this year…but just how likely are you to keep your resolution? We surveyed 400 people aged 18-55+ in the US and UK to see how they’re doing sticking to their 2017 goals. How do you compare? Read…Read More

Caught On Camera: The Biggest Casino Bust Ups Ever

cartoon fist on blue background

Las Vegas is famous across the world for hosting high profile boxing matches but it is generally believed that fighting and gambling are two things that should never cross. Sometimes egos and words do clash in the casino though and the result is violence. Here’s a look at 5 of the biggest casino fights captured on…Read More

The Worst Gaming Injuries Known To Man

wrist injury for gamer guy

Stop right there. Do not move a muscle. The blog you are about to read could save your life. Well, maybe that’s exaggerating slightly. But it could prevent you from suffering a painful gaming-related injury. Do the terms “3D optical disorder”, “WASD Syndrome” and “FPS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” mean anything to you? No? You had…Read More