David Sheldon

David Sheldon

A blackjack obsession in his native New Jersey fueled David's professional interest in gambling industry trends and players' needs. After realizing there was nowhere for players like himself to access independent gambling information in one place, he joined industry peer Warren Eugene in steering Casino.org towards being the world's #1 dedicated source of gambling information. Since 2001, he has been championing innovation and building teams of experts to offer in-depth guidance and casino reviews.

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A Complete History of Mayweather’s Gambling Escapades

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Psychic Gambling: Can Remote Viewing Help You Make The Right Bets?

In 2014, an English waiter had a dream that his manager won a boatload of money. At his urging, the...
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Philippines Officially Recognizes eSports As A Real Sport

The Philippines has confirmed that eSports will now be recognized as an official sport, after the Gaming and Amusements Board...
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The Evolution of Gaymer Culture

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VR Strip Clubs Could Help Vegas Out

Virtual reality is a technology that is invading almost every working sector right now. The strip club industry is the...
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Top 10 Celeb Hotspots in Las Vegas

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The Youngest eSports Players To Watch Out For

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The State of Student Gambling in the UK

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Top 10 Teams to Manage in FIFA 18

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The 5 Best Burgers In Las Vegas

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Everything You Need to Know About Keno

Keno is a classic lottery game but despite being commonly found in land-based and online casinos it remains untouched by...
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5 Blockbuster Movies Set In Macau

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Why People Play The Lottery Despite Terrible Odds

The likelihood of a rare event is often compared to winning the lottery for a reason: the latter is a...
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The Truth About Australia’s Gambling Problem

Australia has a reputation that as a nation that loves to gamble, perhaps a little too much. The past few...
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The Best Freebies At Vegas Hotels & Casinos

Las Vegas is one of the most jaw-dropping destinations in the world. Tourists visit for an unforgettable experience and hotels...
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Underwriting: The Gambling Of The Insurance World

Underwriting in the insurance sector is the process of evaluating the level of risk and exposure of any potential clients,...
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Extreme Sports Fatalities: How Dangerous Is It Really?

By name, extreme sports have an inherent level of danger that comes with participating in them. While advances in safety...
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Compared: Total Cost of Premier League Match Days

Six of the world's 10 most expensive football clubs play in the English Premier League. The Premiership also owns the...
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Sci-Fi’s Most Memorable Gambling Games

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Medieval Gambling: What Was It Like Betting Hundreds Of Years Ago?

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