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David Sheldon

1967’s Casino Royale Comedy Is An Under-Appreciated Gem

poster from 1967 movie Casino Royale

The James Bond franchise is one of the most famous in movie history. The 2006 release of Casino Royale introduced Daniel Craig as 007 in ground-breaking style but it is not widely known that the book which the movie was based on had already been transferred to film back in 1967. Why Did It Happen?…Read More

Why Do Casino Buses Keep Killing People?

burnt out casino bus after crash

The past 20 years has seen a huge increase in the number of fatal accidents involving buses that are transporting people to and from casinos. It is a worrying trend but why exactly does it seem to keep happening? All Aboard The Death Bus An old adage goes that there are lies, damn lies, and…Read More

Is Muay Thai The Most Controversial Sport Ever?

muay thai fighter on his knees looking through ropes

The combat sport of Muay Thai has long been a popular form of martial arts but it also endures its fair share of controversy. It is often labelled as “the art of eight limbs” due to the required combination use of hands, elbows, shins and knees but it is also considered the most dangerous sport…Read More

Unsolved Vegas Crimes That’ll Give You Nightmares

unsolved crimes with newspapers in background

It is widely regarded as the most brutal revenge killings in the history of US crime. Even though the guilty party seems fairly obvious there has never been an arrest linked to the murder of taxi driver Marvin Shumate. This case all starts when Shumate comes up with a plan to kidnap and eventually kill…Read More

Want To Bet On Homemade Rockets?

kid picking up rocket in field

We are all aware that gambling is prevalent the world over and whilst most of us have no issue with putting a little cash on a horse race or a sporting event, we don’t really give much thought to the murkier, more dangerous forms of gambling. Whilst betting is illegal in much of the Far…Read More

10 Best Free Games

free games icons

Mobile gaming is more popular than ever before and there’s nothing better than a fun game that you can play for free. Here’s a look at the top 10 free games you can download on your mobile right freakin’ now. Just click the arrows below to see all the games. ‹› ‹› Asphalt 8: Airborne…Read More

Nobody Is Safe: Odds On Trump’s Next Firing

trump illustration

US President Donald Trump is now firmly into his first term in office but it has been a rough ride for the Republican so far. The latest controversy saw him fire FBI director James Comey leading to many critics questioning who will be next in line to suffer the wrath of “The Donald”. The speculation…Read More

Behind The Scenes With Casino Security

Casino CCTV on blue background

Casino security is one of the most important parts of running of a casino. Its role is even more important in this present day as cheats and criminals are using more innovative and technologically-advanced methods. That means casino security technology has had to keep up too. Here’s the real truth behind the security that keeps…Read More

PKR’s Own T&C’s State Poker Player Funds Are ‘Not Protected’

pkr site closed logo

The online poker site PKR has officially gone into administration. There are now two big questions on poker players’ minds. Number one, is the money in customer accounts safe? And number two, what actually went wrong at PKR? On the money front, players have got a lot to be worried about. Before we examine what…Read More

The Army’s Dark Relationship With Problem Gambling

army soldier looking sad from gambling problem

Life in the army can be a physical and psychological rollercoaster. Soldiers are forced to mix intensely harrowing experiences out in the field with hours of monotonous boredom while they wait on standby. It goes without saying that army recruits need recreational activities to pass the time away during those mundane spells of waiting. That’s…Read More