Most Annoying Recent Video Games

The global video games market reached revenues worth $42.4 billion in 2016 ( proving that gaming has never been more popular. There are some awesome titles out there but there are also the hair-pullingly annoying minority of games that can enrage and frustrate players. Here`s  a list of recent releases that have sent players into a downward spiral of grief.

Far Cry 4(Unisoft Montreal)

Bang! First up on this list is undoubtedly a shock for a lot of you. Far Cry 4 was hailed as one of the best games of the year when it was released in 2014 and received huge critical acclaim. The open world design, soundtrack, and characters all contributed to a very impressive game. The plot even drew inspiration from real life events – the Maoist insurgency that blighted Nepal between 1996 and 2006.

So the big question is, how does such a highly-rated game make this list of the most annoying video games? Well, two words. Cut scenes. They pop up all the time.

Granted, they move the story along but are they really needed so frequently? You also can’t skip through them. No matter how many times you press that “X” button they just keep going on, and on, and on.

Far Cry 4 is certainly a lesson in how not to do in-game cut scenes.

Star Fox Zero(Platinum Games)

The Star Fox franchise is one of the most iconic game series to ever grace Nintendo. It follows the highs and lows of fighter pilot Fox McCloud and his team including as they take on the evil Andross who is intent on destroying the Lylat system. The first game in the series entered homes back in 1993. This version was released in 2016.

Once again, it was a solid enough game. The reviews applauded the graphics and consistency with previous Star Fox titles. However, negative reviews pointed out two aspects where the game failed.

Firstly, the controls were deemed too complex. Some reviewers even complained that the awful motion controls prevented them from getting close to completing the game. Secondly, the boss battles were criticized for being too formulaic. Like a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode. The proven strategy of repeatedly shooting the boss’s weak spot worked a treat but left many disappointed and underwhelmed.

OK, so there is no denying that the FIFA series is one of the most successful computer game franchises of all-time. EA Sports has done an incredible job of over-taking Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer as the most commercially successful football simulation game ever made.

FIFA 17 pushed the boundaries even further by introducing The Journey game mode with FIFA Ultimate Team and Career Mode also experiencing modifications. Unfortunately, the game once again comes with irritations.

The big hype before the game’s release was all about the AI’s realistic decision-making. Cue gamers witnessing their keeper leave a back-pass roll pathetically into their own net or an AI-controlled team-mate running off like Forrest Gump in the opposite direction to where a pass has been played to them.
Conspiracy theorists reckon EA do this on purpose to give them something to improve on for the next edition. Hard to argue with that.

UFC(EA Canada)

Yes, it’s another EA Sports game. UFC was one of the most hotly-anticipated titles to ever be released on the gaming market.

The game generally flopped with reviewers. The main issue singled out by the negative reviews was over-complex controls. For example, to pull off a double leg sweep players would need to hold L2, spin the R3 analogue stick, hold their nose, spin around on the spot, say “Candyman” five times, and judo chop their grandmother in the face. A bit excessive it seems.