The 7 Most Annoying People You’ll Find at the Races

The 7 Most Annoying People You’ll Find at the Races

Who doesn’t love a grand day out at the races? Betting on horses, drinking in the sun, and getting dressed up in your finest garments.

Of course no day out is perfect, and here we round up the annoying people likely to ruin the harmony of an otherwise beautiful day.

1. The Lucky one

You might know a lot about horses, study the form or go and look in the paddock before the race to size them up. You’ve done your research into training beforehand and you’re ready to place some tactical bets.

Then along comes Joe Public, blindfolded and clueless, makes a far out bet and wins. Meanwhile you sit there licking your wounds vowing not to play it so safe next time.

2. The Litter-Bug

There you are in a beautiful green field, admiring the horses and an empty can of lager’s coming for your face. Smash. It gets you right between the eyes. Nothing worse than the Litter-Bug who just throws their rubbish down.

3. The Stripper

Despite the effort that goes into the day’s outfits there’s always someone who just can’t resist getting out their beer belly. Maybe they lost, maybe they won, there’s always a reason to celebrate by destroying everyone else’s view with their manly curves. Yikes.

4. The Howlers

It gets to a certain time in the day where too many bottles have popped and standards start to…erm…slide. Cue the shrieks from the women who’ve drunk more than they can handle.

They all topple over their now flat shoes as they lose the stiletto into the grass. The shrieks take on a pitch you thought impossible for human beings to produce.

5. The Rah

Plenty of rich kids hanging round the races but it’s the rah-rah-rah laughter that winds me up. Are they imitating the horses or just plain weird? You’ll spot them decked out in matching shoes and straw hats and talking about shooting.

6. The Analyst

This one is running around like a headless chicken, always with a notebook. What are they writing in the notebook? They’re analyzing everything and trying to tell you how to bet, using odds and probability to predict wins.

They’re always way off the mark as well…maybe they’re hired by the bookies to put you off?!

7. The Umbrella

On a rainy day it gets pretty miserable at the races. Nobody wants to get wet, we’re all vying for cover. But the race goes on and we still want to watch our horse win.

But ‘The Umbrella’ has other ideas and will just stand right in front of you blocking your vision with the biggest umbrella you’ve ever seen. And they’ll have a knack of moving wherever you move when you try and look around them.

Plus, you can be sure you’ll be knocked every now and then by it, sending all the raindrops off it and onto your head!

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