‘AJ’ Loses Heavyweight Crown to “fat slob” Ruiz Jr – Does Diet Matter?

Britain’s Anthony Joshua was the victim of a monumental sporting upset this past weekend at Madison Square Garden, having been stunned and dethroned by Mexican-American Andy Ruiz Jr in New York City.

The previously unbeaten and former unified heavyweight world champion had been scheduled to make his debut in the United States of America against home hope Jarrell Miller. But the latter fighter known as ‘Big Baby’ was forced out of their clash after failing three separate drug tests for banned substances.

That revelation saw Ruiz Jr step up on short notice and contest ‘AJ’ for the WBA ‘Super’ IBF and WBO heavyweight titles in the Big Apple. It was a fight that he was given no chance in, with the sizeable 29-year-old being cast as a huge betting outsider with bookmakers in the lead up to his latest crack at world honours.

Ruiz Jr was the subject of much ridicule once he was announced as Joshua’s latest challenger, due to his massive size and seemingly overweight appearance for an athlete at the top of the sport.



The build-up to the bout saw plenty of analysis of both men’s physiques, with Joshua possessing what many would class as the perfect, chiseled stature for a man who boasts the mantle of world heavyweight champion.

Meanwhile, Ruiz Jr is the complete opposite, with his flabby and bulging body having been pointed out and used as the main reasoning behind many confidently picking against him in the fight at MSG.

But it was the underdog that was labelled a ‘fat slob’ and vocally shamed by the travelling UK fans on American soil that incredibly had his hand raised come the end of a thrilling fight night at the widely renowned ‘Mecca of Boxing’.

Ruiz, who topped the scales on weigh-in day at a whopping 268 pounds, was viciously dropped in the third round of the encounter by the massive favourite and defending champion. But the Mexican-American pealed his enormous frame from the canvas and immediately sent ‘AJ’ crashing down like a tree chopped from its roots.

The unthinkable then became a shocking reality as the oversized and downplayed contender handed the larger and supposedly more athletic champion his maiden professional career defeat in devastating fashion with a 7th-round TKO.



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Surprising world heavyweight champion diet

Ruiz Jr has always been known for having an unlikely combination of a flabby belly and lightning-quick hands for a heavyweight fighter, with many fans even questioning if he was “too fat” to contest Joshua.

Legendary Top Rank promoter Bob Arum even labelled the Mexican-American a “fat slob” previously, despite some impressive victories and a strong performance in a narrow loss to former champion Joseph Parker.

“Even though he was winning, nobody would credit him as being legitimate because he looked like a slob – it was always, ‘Yeah, he’s a fat slob but his hands are so fast’”, stated Arum. “But he wasn’t pleasing when he fought.”



In spite of his current size, Ruiz Jr has actually maintained a better diet more recently in a bid to reach the pinnacle of the sport, but still enjoys chocolate as part of his pre-fight routine. The newly crowned champion lost nearly a stone-and-a-half and claimed that cutting out fast food was key to his turn around.

“A lot of stuff, all the fast food, the cheap food, the dollar menu – I had to cut all that off,” outlined the new world heavyweight champion. “You can train so hard and eat bad stuff and you’re training for no reason.”

It’s been well documented that Ruiz Jr still enjoys a Snickers and he admitted to snacking on the chocolate bar while preparing for the Joshua fight, along with plenty of steak dinners.

His constant endorsement for the sweet treat saw him land a reward package from the famous brand too in light of his famous triumph over ‘AJ’, proving he won’t be making any lifestyle changes when it comes to his dietary set-up!



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If you compare Ruiz Jr’s supposed diet to the outlined plans to that of the man he recently overcame in one of the biggest ever heavyweight upsets, there’s a stark contrast.

Joshua’s outlined dietary intake holds an abundance of calories but it’s all clean and beneficial food.

Alongside the usual protein-packed white meats such as chicken and healthy fruit and vegetables, there’s plenty of other helpful supplements which give his sculpted body the fuel it needs for gruelling training camps and fight nights.

There isn’t a Snickers bar in sight, though! The Briton hasn’t an ounce of fat on his chiselled frame, compared to that of his recent conquerer.

But that didn’t stop Ruiz Jr pulling off one of the biggest boxing upsets of recent times and embarrassingly giving Joshua an American debut to forget.

Dream achieved for ‘fat’ champion

Born in California, of Mexican descent, the new unified heavyweight champion has always had issues with his weight from a very young age, throughout his amateur career and even into his time in the paid ranks.

His father got him involved in boxing as a young child as a way of burning off the energy he had and, ironically, keeping his weight down.


Having weighed around 270lbs in a failed 2008 Olympics bid, he ballooned up to 300lbs during a period of sadness over his disappointment in missing out.

Ruiz found himself in trouble and among dangerous street gangs but never gave up on boxing, turning professional in 2009 and his evident talents, despite being so big, earned him a promising contract with Top Rank.

In the end this supposed ‘fat boy’ has historically gone on to realise his dream of becoming Mexico’s first ever world heavyweight champion, at the expense of the more aesthetically pleasing Joshua, leaving his long-standing critics eating their words as he surprisingly reigns supreme.

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