7 Foods That Boost Your Winning Chances

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If you’re not in the correct state of mind heading onto the casino floor, then you’ll fall victim to some shameful decision-making. A key part of attaining the right mentality for gambling is eating the right food.

Dietitian Cassie talks about foods to eat before gambling
Dietitian Cassie

But just what are the best foods to eat before a gambling session? Well, we’re glad you asked.

We got in contact with expert Dietitian Cassie from dietitiancassie.com to ask her all about what foods to eat before you gamble. She’s a registered dietitian and author who has appeared on CBS, FOX News and  CNN and also in Cosmopolitan and The Huffington Post. She says:

“A great snacking option that’ll sustain your focus is hard boiled eggs, which are full of a fatty acid called DHA that is imperative for brain function. You could also snack on some beef sticks or salmon jerky while you’re playing and keep some nuts around (cashews, peanuts, almonds- any nuts!) for some more healthy brain boosting fat. Dried fruit will help stimulate blood flow to the brain and keep your focus sharp too.”


colourful fish illustration
Image credit: Andrei Petrea/dribble.com

Fish. Yeah, you heard me. Fish. Eat it.

Everybody knows Omega 3 boosts your brain’s ability to concentrate. That’s why if you’re hitting the casino tables, starting off with a fish course could be a good idea.

 Order yourself some tuna, haddock, salmon or scampi. Gobble down an even more exotic creature of the sea if it’s available too. Lobster and crab are packed full of mind enhancing nutrients.

 You could find yourself at the tables or on the slots for a long period of time. You’ll need to stay concentrated and focused.

 Stay Alert!

Red Bull… coffee… Gatorade… pure sugar syrup…feed your body anything that’ll give you the energy needed to stay alert.

Apparently, water is the perfect pick me up. Sorry soda lovers. Research shows the best substance to drink is actually water with a pinch of sugar added.

Drinking water keeps you alert and allows you to stay on the ball. Energy drinks, on the other hand, will usually bring a serious low after the high.

Short sessions on the casino floor might only require a couple of shots of caffeine but longer sessions will need hydration of the natural variety.

Be Satisfiedpink ice cream on white background with quote on it

When prisoners on death row are about to face their final execution they are given their last meal. It can be anything they want. Take inspiration from that.

OK, so we don’t mean go out and commit murder. We just mean you should treat yourself to your dream three course meal. That way your stomach will not distract you when you are gaming away.

Go ahead and feel free to chow down on your favorite foods. Whether it’s a rump steak, Thai green curry, burger and chips, ice cream or something ridiculous you’ve dreamed up. Go on, you know you deserve it!

battery person running low on energyGet Energized

Stamina is key on the casino floor. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. That’s exactly how you should approach a visit to the casino. Hydrate and get those carbohydrates on board.

A big old pasta meal the night before, plenty of water and then a top up of fibre in the morning will set you up nicely.

Energy and longevity will be vital once you start gaming, so give your body the supplies it needs to take on the world.

Maintain Clarity

Don’t booze it, for God’s sake!illustration of man collapsed at table surrounded by booze bottles

Yes, we’ve all seen those Hollywood movies where the gambler hits the casino floor with some beers and rides their luck as they sink a few more jars.

You’ve probably seen James Bond ordering his Martini shaken not stirred and then hitting the poker table to take down a multi-million dollar drug-trafficking arms dealer right? You’re not James Bond! Nobody is. He’s not a real person.

If you want a productive spell at the tables then stay off the booze. Sure, you’ll be surrounded by lads and ladies who are four sheets to the wind on Jim Beam and coke. Do not be tempted. It is far better to keep a clear head.

Avoid alcohol. It will cloud your judgement. That bet you really didn’t think was a good idea at the beginning of the night will feel like a courageous banker come later in the evening. Stay on the soft drinks, fruit juice and water. Otherwise, it’s a one way trip to bankruptcy my friend.

Nothing At All?

Believe it or not, researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands actually found that not eating at all before gambling could make sessions on the casino floor more profitable.

The study carried out showed that participants that didn’t eat before gambling had more appreciation for short-term and long-term rewards.

The research challenged the idea proposed in the Iowa Gambling Task that gambling when hungry can lead to irrational decisions. Give it a try. It could work.