5 Places Guaranteed to Cure Your Hangover in AC

5 Places Guaranteed to Cure Your Hangover in AC

Atlantic City is all about excess. Going wild with fun parties, gambling and boozing. But when you wake up in the morning and feel like you’ve been hit by a train, you’re going to need one of the city’s best hangover cures.

1. Ramen Pizza at Tony Boloney’s


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Tony Baloney’s is a must-visit spot in Atlantic City. The pizzas and subs are out of this world, and they even have a famous pizza called the Taco Pizza that you need to try, if you haven’t yet already.

In Japan, Ramen is a common hangover cure, while in the US, pizza, especially when cold or leftover from the night before, is a common remedy. Why not combine them? It’s technically on the secret menu, but it’s easily visible on the menu online, so feel free to order it. It’s a sure way to make you feel better.

2. The Big Bang at The Continental 

A big breakfast is a known hangover cure, and this one is about as big as you can get without hitting the buffet. It’s got everything you need to feel all better after a night out. Just remember to start with the eggs as those are the things that are actually working the hardest to cure your hangover.

Head to The Continental and order The Big Bang. You’ll get a short stack of pancakes, neuske bacon, turkey sausage, scrambled eggs, potatoes and toast to soak up last night’s booze. Just be warned, it’s a lot bigger than you might think.

3. A Caffeine Hit from Hayday


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The small, independent coffee shop owners at Hayday know that getting going can be tricky. It’s hard to start the day at the best of times, but when you’re hungover, it’s even worse. That’s why they have excellent craft coffees and teas to give you the necessary caffeine and hydration to wake up and feel great.

Why not try a nitro coffee? Traditionally-made cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen gas. The high pressure creates a creamy effect, much like a stout beer. It can also lower the acidity of the coffee, making it easier to consume when your stomach isn’t quite at its best.

4. Fried Chicken and Waffles at Kelsey’s


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Chicken & Waffles! One of our many items available for our Kelsey’s Brunch. 10am-3pm. #OnlyAtKelseys

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Kelsey’s is a popular restaurant in the heart of AC. Kelsey and Kimberly Jackson have three restaurants, each specializing in southern-inspired cooking.

There’s something magical about chicken and waffles when you’re hungover. Perhaps it’s because it combines all the necessary food groups to a good hangover cure. With the protein and fat of the fried chicken and the carbs and sugar of the waffles, you’ll be a new person once you eat this plate of food.

5. Chashu Pork Ramen at Okatshe


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Stay in bed for the morning, but roll to Okatshe for a late lunch or early dinner to get ready for action once more. This modern take on Japanese food is delicious, fun and absolutely astounding.

Follow Japanese tradition and get a bowl of Ramen to eradicate your hangover. Try the Chashu Pork one, which includes a rich pork broth, enoki mushrooms, egg and fish cake. Eat the whole bowl and you’ll be ready to get back to enjoying everything Atlantic City has to offer.