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The Army’s Dark Relationship With Problem Gambling

army soldier looking sad from gambling problem

Life in the army can be a physical and psychological rollercoaster. Soldiers are forced to mix intensely harrowing experiences out in the field with hours of monotonous boredom while they wait on standby. It goes without saying that army recruits need recreational activities to pass the time away during those mundane spells of waiting. That’s…Read More

10 Rising eSports Stars

retro gamer background for esports stars

The eSports industry is growing year-on-year and a new generation of superstars has been born. In an age when gamers are evolving from geeks to Gods, we take a look at the top 10 players that are set to become icons on the global stage. Sumail “Suma1L” Syed Hassan(Dota 2) This 18 year old Pakistani…Read More

10 Unmissable Las Vegas Shows

red velvet theatre seats

The city of Las Vegas is a hot spot for some of the most sensational live performances in the world. When it comes to shows, this year is set to be the biggest yet for Sin City, so here’s a look at the best ones to look out for in 2017. Britney Spears What better…Read More

Esports Will Be Part of 2022’s Asian Games

esports logo on blue

Big news hit the gaming industry this week as it was confirmed that eSports would officially be included in the 2022 Asian Games hosted in Hangzhou, China. The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced, in partnership with Chinese online retail sports firm Alisports, that gold medals would be up for grabs in a selection of…Read More

How Much Do Casino Security Officers Earn Around The USA?

black and white photo of security officer with folded arms

The noble security officer is the understated hero of the casino. They work tirelessly to ensure the safety and welfare of us players. They fight against the forces of evil that attempt to cast a dark cloud over the gaming industry and they get access to a whole heap of awesome secrets. Criminals, cheats and…Read More

Top 5 Non-Gambling Things To Do In Vegas

hop on vegas tour

Las Vegas might well be the quintessential gambling destination of the world but the city has far more to offer than just poker, blackjack and slots. Here’s a look at what you can do in Sin City if gambling doesn’t really get you excited. 1. X-Scream at the Stratosphere Are you the type of person…Read More

New Research Proves Violent Video Games Don’t Psychologically Affect You

drawing of guy laying in pool of blood with knife in his back

It is a debate that has raged on through the ages. Now it appears to have finally been resolved. The question of whether violent video games have any negative psychological effects on players has been answered with a resounding no. Columbine… Where the Argument Began On 20th April, 1999, two senior students at Columbine High…Read More

How Much Power Does Vegas Actually Use?

Las vegas seen from space

It was recently confirmed that Las Vegas officially became the largest city in the US to be entirely powered by renewable energy sources. This achievement is even more remarkable when you think about how much power Sin City manages to gobble up. Let’s take a look at exactly how much power Las Vegas gets through…Read More

10 Best eSports Documentaries Ever

text about esports documentaries on static TV background

The eSports industry is one that is evolving at a rapid pace right now. There are loads of awesome documentaries out there that explore the industry and attempt to discover what makes eSports such a popular market. Here are the top 10 eSports documentaries of all time: MTV True Life: I’m a Gamer We start…Read More