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Inside The Secret World Of Casino Security

security guards at desk

We’ve all seen those suave guys strutting into the casino vault in Oceans Eleven. With the right tools and a solid plan, it looks doable right? Wrong. Turns out buildings with over $30 million stored inside them are pretty well protected. George Clooney might have fooled you into thinking that breaking into a casino isn’t…Read More

Top 5 Gambling Court Cases

Gambling court cases judge

The gambling industry has had its fair share of controversial incidents over the years and nothing is more controversial than a good old-fashioned court case with millions of dollars at stake. Here are our top 5 gambling court cases that have rocked the gambling world: Phil Ivey vs Crockfords Arguably the most famous gambling court…Read More

The 5 Biggest Horse Races In The World

best horse races feature

Let The Chase For $24 Million Begin  Horse racing dates back more than 2,000 years to the earliest Ancient Greek Olympic Games. Since then gamblers have been hooked on the thrill of the ponies. But which race reigns supreme over all others? Our experts have gathered data from the most renowned horse races to find out….Read More

Weird Christmas: The Planet’s Biggest lottery to KFC for Christmas Lunch

crazy father christmas

Tasty And Terrible Christmas Nibbles Forget dry turkey and soggy vegetables. The rest of the world’s got a whole lot more on their Christmas table. Admittedly, some foods sound more appetizing than others though. In Greenland every household has a rotten bird as their centerpiece. Known as Kiviak, it’s an Icelandic delicacy of baby auk…Read More

China Tells Game Creators: “Publish Your Loot Box Odds”

Chinese gamer plays PC

The Chinese government doesn’t like a lot of things. Multiple children, Facebook, the Deadpool movie, the list continues. The serious news is that now it’s going after in-game loot boxes too. Communist Party officials have issued new laws which state that loot boxes in popular games like Overwatch encourage gambling. And we all know what…Read More

Can Sports Betting Tipsters Make You Rich?

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Anyone who followed 2016’s crazy political happenings in the UK (EU Referendum) and US (Trump’s election) will know that making predictions with any degree of certainty is a dangerous game. More dangerous still is trusting your instinct enough to gamble your hard-earned bankroll on it. Gamblers who went against the pundits and backed Brexit would…Read More

Will President Trump Ban Online Gambling?

Trump supporter holds sign sitting in casino

Finally, the 2016 US Presidential Election is over. The feelings of utter disgust over the most distasteful election battle ever are starting to ebb away. That means we’re left thinking about what kind of future is on the horizon. With Donald Trump soon to be in position as the most powerful man in the world,…Read More

Top 5 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Vegas

Everyone knows you can get anything you want in Las Vegas. And now your pet can too. Thanks to the sprinkling of high quality pet-friendly hotels in Sin City, leaving your best buddy at home while you take a gambling vacation is a thing of the past. All of us pet owners know that’s a…Read More

Westworld Odds: Predicting The Final Episode

Westworld logos and host

Every watcher of Westworld is asking themselves the same thing right now. Just how likely is it that Westworld’s fan theories will turn out to be right? We are only one episode away from the conclusion of season one of Westworld, the popular HBO drama based on the books of Michael Crichton but when it…Read More