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Monthly Archives:: September 2015

9 Insane (But True!) Things About Las Vegas

When it comes to Las Vegas there are more Urban Legends than anyone person could ever possibly imagine. The truth is that “What happens in Vegas” doesn’t stay in Vegas. Information does, in fact, get out and about very quickly. But, while some things are just not true, there are more than enough really insane…Read More

Just How Easy Is It To Get Married in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, home of, and famous for, round the clock gambling, extravagant shows, and shotgun weddings. For some people, thoughts of the big day are about the romance, family and friends, dancing and some cake. For others, it’s about a whirlwind elope to the city of sin and a ten- minute “ceremony,” sometimes drive-thru, authorized…Read More

Why Are So Many Conventions Held In Las Vegas?

In 1905, Albert Einstein introduced his theory of relativity, Teddy Roosevelt was four years into his stint as America’s 26th president, and on May 15th, Las Vegas was officially founded as a city. Of course, it wasn’t for another 26 years that the Pair-o-Dice casino opened its doors and became Vegas’ first official gambling venue…Read More

7 Amazing Casino Designs From Around The World

Casino design is a science in itself. From the layout of the slot machines to the pattern of the carpet, every detail inside a casino is purposefully planned out to help offer an engrossing gaming experience. There are many casinos around the world that took the design of their facilities to even greater heights to…Read More

Las Vegas: From the Unique To the Unusual

Las Vegas is known for its nightlife, casino action, and fine dining, but what most people don’t realize is that it is also a place to take in some very unique, even quirky attractions. It isn’t just about slots, poker and pizazz. Vegas welcomes over 40,000,000 visitors a year. The adult playground in the sand…Read More

Sports Arbitrage – What Is It?

Every now and again, in sports betting, conditions arise that see bookmakers disagreeing on certain odds of different outcomes. For example, one bookmaker might favor one sports team winning a contest more than another bookmaker does. This will result in the two bookmakers offering two different prices on the outcome of that team winning. In…Read More