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The World’s Favorite Online Slot Machines

The world of online slot machines is a myriad of seemingly never ending reels, bonuses and jackpots; but which games top the list as the community’s favorite? Over the years a variety of high profile slots have captured the imagination of the hungry spinner, but only a few have really stood the test of time….Read More

How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction – Book Review

In “How to Win the Lottery with the Law of Attraction,” author Eddie Coronado explains that the reader can learn to manifest money easily, become a “money magnet,” and develop “manifestation techniques” that have won players anywhere from $50,000 all the way to a cool 200 grand or more. But if you’re like most people,…Read More

Donald Trump Republican Nomination Betting Odds

Can Donald Trump Make It to the White House? To paraphrase one controversial (and respected in one or two circles) Republican, in the 2016 US Presidential race, there are unknowns, known unknowns, and there are unknown unknowns. At time of writing, there’s just one known: Barack Obama will be gone and a new incumbent will…Read More

Can You Cheat the Lottery? History Says Maybe

Can You Cheat The Lottery? Yes And No Lotteries have played a vital role in the formation of many great countries including the United States. During America’s earliest days, Jamestown and the 12 other colonies took advantage of running a lottery system in order to fund its schools, construction endeavors, and public works. When the…Read More

7 Best Casino Holidays Around the World

New Orleans

One of the best things about being a gambler is that it’s a hobby that can you take you to places all over the world. Better yet, while the scenery might change, the differences in games and how things are played are minimal, meaning you can show up on the other side of the world…Read More

Which Team Would Have Won You The Most Money This Season?

Newcastle vs Swansea

Ever wondered how much you would have won last season if you had bet £5 on one team to win each game they played? Well we now have an answer for you The 2014/15 Premier League and Football League season was one of the most closely contested and unpredictable campaigns in recent memory. So with…Read More