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Monthly Archives:: December 2014

Betting Bad: what are the chances – Better Call Saul?

Better call Saul

Breaking Bad, the Emmy-vacuuming series starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, was an unparalleled success largely hailed as the greatest television series of all time by many critics and fans alike. One of the more memorable and lighthearted characters in the otherwise dark saga of crystal meth and murder was sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, portrayed…Read More

What are the chances: Next celebrity to get punched

Jerry Seinfeld

Punching a celebrity is a big news item when they happen, particularly when said fist lands on the physiognomy of a star who clearly deserves it. The latest fistfight to make the headlines was when actor Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber at a restaurant, a scene that prompted fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio…Read More