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FOBTs – Should there be more regulation for them?

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

Brief Lives: FOBTs Walk down any high street in 2014 Britain and you’ll be greeted by the same sights – charity shops, pound shops, payday loan stores; remnants of a country still struggling to drag itself out of a worldwide economic funk that sees – finally – a few glimmers of ending. One area of…Read More

Doing Las Vegas on a Budget: Tips for the Impecunious Traveler

When most of us think of Las Vegas these days, we think about high-life nightclubs where bottle service can run your liquor at a 2,000 percent markup; about high-limit tables games, and about five-star dining and shopping in luxury retail outlets like Chanel, Dior and Versace. But while fancy Vegas is certainly a reality for…Read More

Find Out How to Open Your Own Online Casino

Mobile Casino Gaming

How to Set Up an Online Casino So you’ve seen what the big boys have done but now you want to breakaway and set up your own online casino? There are many places to do just that, but the UK is attractive because it has a long history of regulation and an open market. Of…Read More

Casino Design: How It Gets You to Gamble More, and More Often

casino design

Most of us love a day or weekend trip to a casino, whether in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or anywhere else in the U.S. or around the world; but few of us realize we are actually walking into a very carefully designed maze, with numerous “hot buttons” that will get the vast majority of people…Read More

Risky Business: Taking Your Gambling Skills into the Real World

Risk gambling

It’s been noted before in the history of man that the near universal appeal of gambling from culture to culture and throughout history can be largely attributed to the fact that gambling lies at the very root of existence itself. We take a gamble coming out of the womb into this harsh, cold world, and…Read More