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Betting Bad: what are the chances – Better Call Saul?

Better call Saul

Breaking Bad, the Emmy-vacuuming series starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, was an unparalleled success largely hailed as the greatest television series of all time by many critics and fans alike. One of the more memorable and lighthearted characters in the otherwise dark saga of crystal meth and murder was sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, portrayed…Read More

What are the chances: Next celebrity to get punched

Jerry Seinfeld

Punching a celebrity is a big news item when they happen, particularly when said fist lands on the physiognomy of a star who clearly deserves it. The latest fistfight to make the headlines was when actor Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber at a restaurant, a scene that prompted fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio…Read More

Top 10 Weirdest Slot Themes

forty shades of santa slots

Slot themes are in general a little weird and wonderful, which makes a list of the ten weirdest ever potentially terrifying. But here it is, nevertheless: from sexualized Santas to swearing slots, and from Judge Judy to machines that have deeply offended large ethnic groups, we present our top ten. Don’t say we didn’t warn…Read More

Wearable Tech: Casinos Adapt to a Brave New World

Everyone is saying it: 2014 is the year of wearable technology. Long a niche industry with limited applications, wearable tech is now a part of our daily fitness lives, and Google Glass promises to bring a world of information to our eyeballs. Yet more wearable tech projects have fantastic potential, such as the possibility of…Read More

Sports Stars and Poker: A Match Made in Heaven?

Here’s a thought: how do you get over the crushing disappointment of your team bowing out of the world’s biggest football tournament? Well, if you’re Spain’s Gerard Pique, the answer would be to hot-foot it out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and onto the first available flight. Destination: Las Vegas, where the prying eyes of the…Read More

2014 World Cup Betting Blog, Part 8: The Germans Win!

Germany took down the 2014 World Cup, outplaying pre-game favorites Argentina.

There’s a saying, normally quoted to former England footballer Gary Lineker, which goes something like this: “Football is a game where two teams kick the ball around for 90 minutes, and at the end Germany win.” The classic quote was perfectly realized on Sunday night as Argentina (pre-tournament favorites) and a young, emerging Germany side…Read More

2014 World Cup Betting Blog Part 7: The Final Countdown

Lionel Messi World Cup 2014

So, all things lead to Rio. The final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is set, as Argentina (one of the firm pre-tournament favorites) and the ever-present Germans do battle in a rematch of the 1990 final in Italy. (Germany won it, in case your memory is as hazy as ours.) And as the final…Read More

2014 World Cup Betting Blog, Part 6: Silver Linings

Lionel Messi, World Cup 2014

The quarter-finals were another mixed bag for us, with Colombia deciding not to turn up to their defeat against Brazil on Friday, while Germany sneaked through against France in a 1-0 win. Argentina kept up our hopes of a lovely outright bet on winning the damn thing as they moved past a listless Belgian team, while…Read More

2014 World Cup Betting Blog Part 5: No Quarter

World Cup 2014, FIFA, Brazil

The FIFA World Cup in Brazil reaches the final home stretch, and we are down to eight teams. Meanwhile, our bankroll is decidedly on the up, with some nice wins from the round of 16 games. Dark horses Colombia took full advantage of a Luis Suarez-less Uruguay and defeated the toothless (geddit?) semi-finalists of four years ago…Read More

2014 World Cup Betting Blog, Part Four: Taking Stock

Luis Suarez, Giorgio Chellini, FIFA World Cup 2014

So, the first round matches are all done and dusted, England have taken their rightful place on the plane home (having finished bottom of their group) and Luis Suarez has got involved in yet another major biting scandal. Standard. It was another mixed bag of bets last week, with Greece shocking the Cote d’Ivoire to…Read More