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Monthly Archives:: October 2013

How Your Gambling Brain Directs You to Bet, Keep Betting or Cash Out

Most of us know that our brains are a complex morass of neurons and lobes, pathways and connections; but perhaps not as many of us are aware how much these cerebral roadways direct our gambling decisions. An international best-selling book by a Nobel Prize winner in Economics may give us more insight, however, so let’s…Read More

Traits of Healthy Gamblers: An Unscientific Study


Problem gambling. Addictive gambling. Pathological gambling. Seems we are bombarded incessantly with the issues of the less than 3 percent of gamblers whose activities are totally and unabashedly out of control. And not to make light of that – because those issues can most certainly destroy lives and leave finances in a shambles – but…Read More

Setting Betting Limits: Should You, the Casino, or the Government?

We know you love gambling, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now; and chances are, you are able to enjoy gambling for what it should be: an entertaining pastime played with bankroll that is not designated for your rent, mortgage, car payment or groceries. But, as we are all sadly aware, not everyone is…Read More

Money Laundering And Gambling: Can They Ever Be Torn Asunder?

With this week’s headline-grabbing arrest of Silk Road founder Ross William Ulbricht – aka “Dread Pirate Roberts” to most of the sordid site’s nearly one million registered users – money laundering and gambling are once again in the headlines.  The process of using otherwise legal gambling as a viable – and fairly simple, seemingly untraceable…Read More