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The Other Las Vegas: The One That Never Got Built

As crazy as ersatz pyramids, volcanic lakes, and replica Eiffel Towers may be, it’s a little-known fact that all kinds of even kookier casinos never saw the light of day in Las Vegas. Changes in fortunes and deals that never went through were largely responsible for these places ending up on the cutting room floor;…Read More

Being a Professional Gambler: Image vs. Reality

Next to the law, detective and police work, and medicine, few vocations have been as glamorized by Hollywood and TV coverage as that of professional gamblers. And let’s face it: looking at a few 22-year-olds who’ve won upwards of $8 million at the World Series of Poker or the MIT whiz kids of the 1980s…Read More

Craziest Bets Pro Gamblers Have Ever Made

Gamblers are a funny lot, and professional gamblers are the strangest of them all. Most didn’t win huge tournaments against fields of thousands by lacking moxie and bravado, so it should come as no surprise that many a pro gambler has made some whacky prop bets against their buddies. While many of these guys are…Read More

Movie Quotes About Gambling Odds – What Are The Odds

10 Memorable Movie Quotes About “The Odds” We all have our favorite movie quotes, but we get super excited when we hear quotes about “odds” – after all, it’s what we do! So, we collected the top 10 best quotes about odds, gambling and chance, and we’re proudly sharing them with you. Just don’t blame…Read More

Do We Need a Federal Online Gambling Bill? A Look at the Pros and Cons

While Nevada is already up and running with online poker, New Jersey pants a few steps behind, and California is finally getting all its ducks in line for some imminent legislation, it begs the question, do we even need a Federal Internet gambling bill anymore? At least one man, Congressman Peter King (R-NY) thinks so,…Read More

You Bet Your Life: Why Gambling Seniors Stay Young at Heart

Maybe humans scale back on drugs, sex and rock n’ roll with the advancing years, but some new interesting research has shown that when it comes to gambling, age does not dampen people’s love of casinos. And that’s not research done by the possibly self-promoting casino industry either; the American Journal of Geriatric Psychology, presumably…Read More