10 Times The Simpson’s Totally Nailed The Casino Experience

The Simpsons is always on point with their satire. From politics to sports controversies, the show is the king of snide cultural commentary. So, when they turn their attention to casinos, you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll get the jokes just right.
Here are 10 of the very best ways The Simpsons let us all know they understand exactly what it’s like to gamble.
When you’re in the ‘slot zone’

When you think you’re a blackjack pro but you’re really a noob

When you’re at the tables and feel like you’re in an old-time movie

When what you did in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas

When you get to the buffet and there’s nothing good left

When you place a bet on a horse race and you actually win

When you spend too long at the casino and your kids get bored waiting

When you roam off the strip and you’re not even sure if you’re going into a real casino

When you agree to go to the casino but not to bet…

At the end of the night when you’ve lost all your money