10 Things You Never Thought Would Affect Your Gambling

Gambling can be a relaxed form of entertainment for many of us but it can also be taken more seriously by others. If you are one of those that adopts a sterner approach to gambling then it’s about time you prepared for your sessions accordingly. Here are 10 things you should consider that might impact on your next gambling experience.

Casino roulette table
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Eat Like a Winner, Gamble Like a Winner

There is an old saying in sport that goes ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. The theory is that if you can keep your body in great health then it will also ensure that your mental state is also equally healthy.

If you have a big session on the casino floor planned then you should eat the right foods beforehand. Binging on junk food leading up to this session is not recommended. Your energy levels will suffer.

It has been proven that refined sugar present in junk food can cause spikes and crashes in blood glucose levels.

If you want to stay sharp at the tables and slots. Get your five a day, prioritize fruit, vegetables, and water. No booze either!

No Sex Before Gambling!

A study into whether sex before sports can boost performance
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Does having sex before a big competition or event impact negatively on performance? Well, there still remains debate about how true this is.

Research has suggested that sexual intercourse before sport can tire individuals quicker if the act was done 2 hours or less before the sport took place. However, there still remains a lack of concrete evidence to back this.

The same can be said for gambling. Do you really want your focus clouded by the seedy memories of what you got up to in the bedroom (or wherever you participated in the dirty deed)? Or do you want absolute clarity in your head when you’re working out the odds and potential outcomes at the casino tables? Don’t take any risks. Save that for the roulette table.

Don’t Gamble Tired

The worst time to gamble is when you’re not thinking straight. If you have had a rough week in work or you’re not getting enough sleep at home because the kids are playing up, then put that trip to the casino on hold.

The casino floor will test a lot of factors that relate back to tiredness and alertness. Stay sharp. Ensure you’re up to date with your sleep patterns. Don’t let the house win.

Bankroll Management is Key

Don’t enter a casino without a financial game plan. If you fail to put a bankroll management plan in place then you are on a one way path to bankruptcy. The key is entering the casino with the view that money you are taking in is money spent. It is not money invested.

Decide how much you are willing to lose and work with that. If you don’t have an idea of how much you can afford to lose then you could end up burning a big old hole in your wallet.

Go It Alone!

A controversial one here. If you really want to come away from the casino with the best chance of making a profit then do it on your own.

We’ve all been there. Head to the casino with your mates, work colleagues, or your partner. It’s a great social occasion. That’s fine, for a laugh. If you’re being serious though. you hit those tables without anyone by your side.

The last thing you need is somebody bragging about how much they’ve won when you’re losing. Or someone raining on your parade bemoaning their losses if you’re on a winning streak. You don’t need that. Go rogue. This is all about you.

Don’t Forget Your Watch!

OK, so we live in an era where not every man has a Rolex or classic watch passed down from their grandfather. It’s more likely you’ll have a clock on your phone.

Whatever you do, don’t forget that clock. Casinos want you to lose track of time and they will do everything they can to sweep you away in the moment. Take in a watch to keep track of time and even set an alarm.

You Are Not in A Movie

James Bond in a poker game
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You see them every time you go to the casino – the guys wearing their tuxedos and the girls wearing their cocktail dresses, making it rain with the dollar bills. Fools.

Never trick yourself into believing you’re James Bond or Ginger McKenna. Acting like you’re the don walking around will not change your luck.

If you need snake eyes to win on Craps then don’t expect it to happen. If you need a full house on the river to win a hand in poker then don’t anticipate it. Reality hits hard in the casino. By all means hope but don’t expect.

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, gambling is all about luck. However, there is an element of truth to making your own luck.

If you are set to hit the blackjack or poker tables then it doesn’t harm to get some freeplay practise in online before you play.

If you have some slot machines in mind then give them a test online for free to avoid wasting money on games that suck.

Avoid Getting Too Pumped Up

At the 2016 European Championship, England national soccer team goalkeeper Joe Hart claimed he was too pumped up and it led to him making a number of basic errors. You can fall victim to the same problem.

How music can make you a better athlete
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Listening to the Rocky theme tune or high tempo dance music might seem like a good idea but it could actually negatively hamper your judgement.

It has been proven that certain music can improve reaction speed, focus, and circulation in athletes. That’s fine for athletes but you need to be more composed on the casino floor. Pick the wrong music to prepare yourself for gambling and you might lose focus and see a negative hit on your mood.

Have Fun!

The last and most important point is to make gambling fun. If you’re not enjoying it then why do it?

The minute you find going to the casino is a chore then cut it out. You are the master of your own destiny.