10 Of The Best Slot Machine Cakes

Slot machines are big business around the gambling world and the public’s obsession with these money-spinners is now transferring to other areas… like cake-making.

Yes, slot machine enthusiasts are having cakes crafted into the shape of their favourite games to celebrate those special occasions. Here are 10 of the best slot machine cakes.

Happy Anniversary

An image of an anniversary slot machine cake
Image Credit: internetbet.com

The first cake on our list is this beautiful masterpiece that celebrates a couple’s anniversary.

The extravagant detail really does force you into second guessing if this is a slot machine or a remarkable work of art in cake form.

It is a classic one-arm bandit slot with fine attention to detail that includes intricate edible details.

It has still not been confirmed if the light on top of the cake does actually spin around flashing or if the coins that represent the winnings pouring out of the slot are chocolate money or not.

Wheel of Fortune

An image of the Wheel of Fortune slots cake
Image Credit: pinkcakebox.com

Wheel of Fortune is one of the most iconic slot machines to have ever graced casino floors. So it is no surprise that one cake maker has taken the bold step to replicate the game as a delightful treat.

This realistic portrayal of the slot even suggests the jackpot being offered is worth $1,000,000. The dollar notes that are littered around at the base have been painstakingly detailed too.

A fitting tribute to a legendary slots title.

777 Blazing

An image of the 777 Blazing inspired slot machine cake
Image Credit: pinterest.com

Slot machines of old were big and clunky mechanisms. This cake uses the 777 Blazing slot machine as its inspiration.

It is big, simple, and colorful. The lever on the side of the cake looks like it might have given the maker a few headaches but the end product is superb.

The gold coins flowing out of the machine add some realism to it and the hand-iced slot machine’s buttons give it a charming personal feel.

Whales of Cash

An image of the Whales of Cash slot machine cake
Image Credit: pinterest.co.uk

Whales of Cash is a more recent addition to the slots industry and has even made the successful transition from land-based casinos to online casinos.

This cake gets tops marks thanks to the fact that even the smallest detail is covered – the “Win up to 25 free games” slogan is included on the logo too.

The 100 dollar bills once again add a sense of lavishness to proceedings. The smooth finish on the icing has us all licking our lips with envy as well.

Undoubtedly, the most impressive replica of a game screen and paytable that we have seen in a cake.

Triple 777 Red Hot

An image of the Triple 777 Red Hot slot machine cake
Image Credit: pinterest.co.uk

Triple 777 Red Hot has all the attributes required to form the solid base of a delicious slot machine cake.

The intense graphics and color scheme along with the detail-filled paytable has enough for a cake maker to really get stuck into.

The flames are beautifully recreated on this cake and the way the maker catches the reels in mid-spin gives a more organic feel to this cake.

Super Slots

An image of a Super Slots birthday cake
Image Credit: pinterest.co.uk

OK, so you’re a mom, it’s your 48th birthday… what do you want? A slot machine cake? Duh, of course!

Whoever the fortunate recipient of this glorious cake is they should thank their lucky stars. It might not be the smoothest cake on this list but we just love the fact somebody thought that their own mother might want this as a cake for their birthday.

Well played child… well played.

Fabulous 75

An image of a Fabulous 75 slots birthday cake
Image Credit: pinterest.co.uk

What do you get a lady who is entering their 75th year? You only go and get them a slot machine-themed cake. It’s OK though. This one is pretty. We mean, really pretty.

The sparkling border that lines the edge. The pink icing that looks absolutely incredible. The shine that comes from the gold coins. The silver icing that traces along the base. It is stunning.

The only criticism? It could be bigger… but then, that can always be a criticism because no cake is ever too big.

Double Diamond

An image of a Double Diamond themed slots cake
Image Credit: pinterest.co.uk

OK, so this might not win any awards for technical craft but it’s the imagination and creativity behind this effort that won us over.

If the accurately portrayed logo for this Double Diamond slot machine isn’t enough to wow you, how about the double combo of putting an actual freaking light at the top and a man just chilling at the top of the machine. Is it wrong to want to eat him?

What is the cake-eating protocol surrounding marzipan human beings on a decorated cake? The gold coins glistening also add an elegance to the cake. Put that drool back in your mouth now.

Jackpot Slots

An image of a famous Jackpot Slots themed cake
Image Credit: pinterest.co.uk

Once again, creativity triumphs over grandeur with this cake.

The designer of this cake is not content with just recreating a famous slot machine.

Yes, they put a classic slot machine at the top of the cake but that is only the beginning. Throw in two layers of cash propping it up on top of a base that is comprised of a set of 3D reels with the classic fruit symbols.

Just to add a finishing touch, there’s a man sat there in amongst it all clearly enjoying the experience.

Diamond 777

An image of the popular Diamond 777 slot machine, in cake form
Image Credit: pinterest.co.uk

This list finishes with arguably the most magnificent of all slot machine cakes. The color scheme, lighting, design, and sheer presence of this beast takes your breath away.

It is a recreation of the popular Diamond 777 slot machine. The detail across the cake is spot on -the 3D decorations near the base with 3D dice, chips, stars, and cards add a whole new level of insanity to it all.

Behold, the work of a genius. Now, enter our bellies and forever be remembered as one of the greats.

If you want to see how a slot machine cake is made then have a check of this blog that covers all the ins and outs. Why not give it a go yourself? What’s the worst that could happen?