Being a Casino Dealer: Dream Job or Nightmare?

becoming a casino dealer casino jobs

If you love gambling, being a casino dealer may seem like the greatest job in the world. You get to play the same games you already love, only from the other side of the table… Read More

Doing Las Vegas on a Budget: Tips for the Impecunious Traveler

You can party like a rock star in Las Vegas without spending like one; check out some of our tips on how!

When most of us think of Las Vegas these days, we think about high-life nightclubs where bottle service can run your liquor at a 2,000 percent markup; about high-limit tables games, and about five-star dining… Read More

Casino Design: How It Gets You to Gamble More, and More Often

casino design

Most of us love a day or weekend trip to a casino, whether in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or anywhere else in the U.S. or around the world; but few of us realize we are… Read More

Gambling Tipping Etiquette – Betting Tipping Explained


Regardless of whether you are a seasoned professional gambler, or an amateur trying your hand at casino games for the first time, there are some basic rules of gambling etiquette you should be familiar with…. Read More

The Birth and Burial Rituals of the Classic Casino Chip

Behold the noble gambling chip. They are the currency of casinos around the world; essentially issued by the Bank-of-Whatever-Casino-It-Is , and as good as cash while on their turf. But there’s probably a lot you… Read More

Top 5 Vegas Demolitions & Implosions Ever

Sands Casino Demolition

The landscape of Vegas is constantly changing. Resorts rise and fall constantly, making way for larger, brighter and more luxurious hotels and casinos. But when a resort is due to go, it goes down with… Read More

Gambling: Pure Luck or Total Skill?


Here are three different scenarios; see if you can spot the difference. It’s the final of the World Series of Poker. Player A has bet all his chips with a made straight. He is all-in… Read More

Traits of Healthy Gamblers: An Unscientific Study


Problem gambling. Addictive gambling. Pathological gambling. Seems we are bombarded incessantly with the issues of the less than 3 percent of gamblers whose activities are totally and unabashedly out of control. And not to make… Read More

Setting Betting Limits: Should You, the Casino, or the Government?

slot machine

We know you love gambling, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now; and chances are, you are able to enjoy gambling for what it should be: an entertaining pastime played with bankroll that is… Read More

Money Laundering And Gambling: Can They Ever Be Torn Asunder?

With this week’s headline-grabbing arrest of Silk Road founder Ross William Ulbricht – aka “Dread Pirate Roberts” to most of the sordid site’s nearly one million registered users – money laundering and gambling are once… Read More