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Michael Shackleford Wizard of Odds interview

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We’re Off to See the Wizard… If you’re a regular at you’ll know we strive to bring you information on the best sites out there on the worldwide web, guide you through the minefield of bad casinos, show you which games to avoid, and offer some top strategies to help you win. But one…Read More

Gambling on the end of the World – Odds of Global Doom


What are the Odds of Global Doom? Discover the chances of the world ending… The world seems a pretty stable place. We go about our lives taking for granted that the sun will rise the next day. Only it almost didn’t – at least not on a world we would recognise. We have come perilously…Read More

10 Incredible Shots of Las Vegas from Above

Lead Online gambling offers fans of chance and fortune a great opportunity to lay bets on a whim from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. But while meeting up with Lady Luck in the depths of cyberspace can be fun – not to say rewarding – it’s no trip to Vegas. In Sin…Read More

The Lottery’s Biggest Winning Losers


The Lottery’s Biggest Winning Losers Ever wish you were one of the lucky few to win millions playing the lottery? Ever wonder how they spend their windfall? Check out some of the most surprising facts about a few of the biggest lottery winners in history. You just might want to reconsider once you see how…Read More

What are the Odds of That? The Biggest Underdog Payouts in Sports History

Underdog Sports Bets

What are the Odds of That? The Biggest Underdog Payouts in Sports History Let’s face it, everyone likes to root for the underdog. Whatever’s behind the psychology of the fans and the underdog’s tenacity to come from behind and win, it’s fascinating to watch. It’s even better to be on the winning end of big…Read More

Where Do People Gamble Online These Days?

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Gambling options were once limited to live casinos and pick-up games, but the gambling online revolution has created a whole new series of venues, where countless players dance with lady luck every day. Casino or online venue There is nothing like a trip to the casino, especially if you are lucky enough to travel to…Read More

Las Vegas Games, Odds & Hotels


Las Vegas Games, Odds, Revenues and Hotels. Which games have the best odds in Las Vegas? Which casino games and countries have the most gambling revenue? Which are the largest hotels in Las Vegas? Embed this image on your site: © 2012

The History of American Gambling

Underdog Sports Bets

The History of American Gambling – An American Tradition. A look back at how gambling has evolved since the 1600s right up until the recent boom of online gambling. Embed this image on your site: © 2012

Gambling and the USA National Debt


Embed this image on your site: © 2012 Download the PDF version of the Gambling and the USA National Debt Infographic.

Mobile Casino Gambling – Passing Fad or Here to Stay?


As cell phones have morphed into an entertainment media of their own, it should only follow that mobile casino gambling is the next step. Of course, that step has already been taken – it just hasn’t become super popular yet, but it certainly is gathering steam fast. In fact, many mobile casinos are already online…Read More